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The scented candle store (female)


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Cynthia had worked at the scented candle store for several years.  She really liked it and it was a lot of fun especially because of the flexible schedule with her schooling.  She was very liked by all of her co-workers and associates.  The only problem with the job was how the scents there could be very strong.  Her nickname around the store was “sneezy” because of how much she sneezed during any given shift.  Two of her managers secretly counted about 50 in one shift. She was always sort of embarrassed by her sneeze attacks because of how many times she would sneeze and how cartoonishly high pitched they were.  She was already embarrassed about her slight lisp and hated to have a silly, long sneeze attack in front of people to boot.  It would often get some laughter and always draw attention to her.  She could usually laugh it off though.  Heather her manager usually tried not to laugh but sometime would have to snicker.

One Tuesday they were putting up new scents and trying them out.

Oooohhh, Black Lilac!” Heather exclaimed

“Hmmmm, thsounds great,  can I thsmell?”  Cynthia asked

“Of course!”  said Heather.  She knew Cynthia was bothered by strong smells but it was no telling which ones would set her off so she usually just let her smell.

Cynthia sniffed in “Mmmmmmm!  That’sth  really nice!”  Cynthia exclaimed.

The pair went through a few like this without any sneezes from Cynthia.  Heather was actually pretty surprised.

“Oh, this is the new spray, fresh laundry!”  Heather said.  She sprayed on her wrist and smelled.

“Oh wow, this one is great.”  Heather and Cynthia were pretty close so she didn’t hesitate to hold her wrist up to let Cynthia smell.”

Cynthia took a big wiff.  “Oh wow, that’s…………eh……..EH”  Cynthia’s nose began to flare.

“Oh dangit, bless you, sorry about that.”  Heather handed Cynthia’s two tissues.

“EH…….EEEHHH….EH…..EH…EH……EH CHI…..EH CHI……EH CHI….EH CHEW, EH CHEW, EH CHEW, EHCHEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!” Heather multiply squeaked through yet another sneeze attack.

“Oh excuseth me!”  Cynthia blew her nose.

“My fault girl, I know the sprays tend to bother you.”  Heather said.

“Yeah, I might thstay away from that one,”  Cynthia smiled.

They both laughed and returned to their work.

                                                                            Part 2 coming soon.

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                                                                            Part 2 


It was Sam’s first day at the scented candle store.  He really felt sort of out of place in such an environment but really needed the job.  He was only getting so many hours at the home improvement store so he needed what he could get. He met Heather who seemed cool and William who was super chill.  Heather was very cool and showing him around.

“So here is the special table, here are the seasonal candles, and here are the sprays.”  said Heather.

“Got it!”  Said Sam.  He was trying to bring a very real enthusiasm to the situation.

In the distance he saw a gentleman wrapping candles.  “That’s Frank, he is the Assistant Manager.”

Sam went over and was introduced properly and the three exchanged small talk.  All of a sudden he heard from the break room a curious squeaky sound.


“That’s Cynthia” Frank and Heather said in unison laughing.  Sam laughed as well.  “Oh yeah?”  he said.

“Yeah, her nickname is Sneezy.  We joke that she should find a different job then a scented candle shop.”  Heather sarcastically said.

Just then Cynthia walked in.  Sam was immediately stunned by her unorthodox beauty.  She had an unbelievable figure, was sharply dressed, and a face that was very pretty in it’s own right.  She had strong features like a semi-masculine chin and a fairly large and wide nose. She was still very feminine looking but in a more stern way.  She was very attractive to Sam indeed.

“Hey Sneezy, this is Sam our new part timer!”  Heather said.

Cynthia giggled at the nickname as she blew her nose.  “Hey, niceth to meet you!  My name is actually Cynthia, not thsneezy!”  Cynthia said in joking in a way to stay semi-cool with the nickname.

“Well nice to meet you Cynthia!”  Sam said.  He knew he wanted to get to know Ms. Cynthia more.

As the day progressed Sam got a little training from everyone.  He learned the basics on how to use a register, what was on sale and how to wrap properly.  Cynthia was actually a key holder so Heather tasked her with closing and teaching Sam closing procedure.

It was about an hour left until close and Sam and Heather found themselves alone in the store just doing some stocking and chatting.  They really seemed to have an instant chemistry.

thSo what made you want to work at a candle thstore?”  Cynthia asked as the stocked the front shelf.

Sam bent down to grab some candles.  “Well, I have worked at the Home Depot for a while and I……..”

Sam looked up to see Cynthia’s eyes closed with her head tilted back and nose extremely flared as she set down what she was stocking.

“Excuseth me….I……I have to…..Eh….EH…………EEEHH…..”  Cynthia was about to sneeze her head off yet again.

Sam quickly leaned over to the tissues and took out three and handed them to Cynthia.  “Here you go.” he said politely.


“Thanksth, damn these mint thsprays get me every time.”  Cynthia said and then blew her nose.

“I’m sorry they bother you.” Sam said.

“Hehe, it’sth alright.” Cynthia said. 

They both exchanged a very flirtatious look.  They both knew they were going to get to know each other better.

                                                                                  Part 3 coming soon.

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                                                                                                                            Part 3

Tonight was Sam and Cynthia’s first date.  They had been working together for a few months and there was definite chemistry.  They had very good conversations and Cynthia liked a lot that he actually called her Cynthia and not Sneezy.  They decided the sports bar up the road would be a good spot. 

“Hey!”  Sam said loudly at the table waving Cynthia over.

Cynthia waved and came over.  Sam couldn’t help notice she looked incredible.  She was still in her work clothes but always dressed up and looked really sharp.

thSorry I’m late.  Thisth lady wanted to keep talking after closthing.  thSame old thStuff you know!”  Cynthia grinned.

“Oh yeah, our people tend to be a bit chatty!”  Sam said in agreement.

The waitress came up to the two after about a few minutes of chatting.

“Hey everyone, my name is Linda and I’ll be your server this evening!”

“Hey there Linda!”  Sam said.

“Hello there(sniff).”  Cynthia said, scratching her nose.

“Can I get you guys started with some drinks?”  Linda said.

“Yes, I will have an unsweet tea.” Sam said

thSprite pleasthe(sniff)” Cynthia said, wriggling her obviously irritated nose.

“You got it!” Linda said.  She went to the back to get the drinks.

Sam and Cynthia chatted for a bit and started to look at the menus.

“They have really good sandwiches here.”  Sam said, browsing the items.

There was no response and Sam looked up to see that Cynthia had put the menu down and her nose was flaring, her mouth was open, and her eyes were closed with a napkin in her hand.


“Bless you!” Linda said putting down the drinks.  She was giggling a bit.

“Thanksth, hehe  Cynthia said.  She laughed a little too.  She knew her sneezes were kind of funny.

The two ordered and Linda scurried off to put the orders in.

“Bless you by the way.  Allergies bothering you?”  Sam said with concern.

“I think thso, there were some new thsprays we got in today that were pretty thstrong.” Cynthia said with a little embarrassment.

“Oh yeah, the new pine is super strong I noticed.”  Sam said.

The two chatted and were getting pretty flirty.  They had really good chemistry.

“So I like working at the store.  All the people who come in a pretty cool.”  Sam said.

“Yeah!  It’sth pretty ni…..ni…..EH……….EHCHEEEWWW, EHCHEEEWWWWW, EHCHEEEWWWW, EHCHEEEEEWWWW, EHCHEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!”  Cynthia sneezed again squeakily.

“Bless you! Bless you!”  Sam said kindly handing Cynthia some tissues.

“Thank you!  Oh man, I……..Eh…..EH……EHCHEEEEWWWW, EHCHEEEWWWW, EHCHEEEWWWW, EHCHEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!”  Cynthia squeaked through another sneeze attack.

“Goodness!  Bless you Cynth.  That spray really got you today huh?”  Sam said.

“I guessth so!”  Cynthia said blowing her nose.

“Dang I’m sorry.  No good!”  Sam leaned over and touched Cynthia’s hand.

“Awww, thank y…...!” Cynthia said

Cynthia’ nose began to flare

thSam, I th…..think we ne……need to go eh…..ehhh….EHCHEEEWWW…EHCHEEEWWW….EHCHEEEEWW…EHCHEEEEWWW……elseth.”

“Somewhere else?  Do you think you are allergic to something here?”  Sam said with concern.

“It’s the smoking se…….eh…..EH……ECHEEEWWW……ECHEEEEEEWWW….ECHEEEEWWWWW, section.”

Sam heard some snickering a few tables over.  “Bless you!” the strangers hollered.

(Damn, they still allow smoking here, I should have known.) Sam thought.

“Yeah Cynth no problem, we can totally get out of here.”  Sam said.

They got doggie bags and got out of there.  Sam felt so stupid.

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Oooh, I love this! The buildups, the strong sneezes, Cynthia trying to talk through them sometimes. It's really good! If you wanted to, I'd love to see more :)

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Alright, here is the conlcusion!  Enjoy!

                                                                               Part 4 coming soon.

Sam was fixing his apartment up really nice.  Cynthia was coming over tonight for the first time.  The   

couple had been dating each other for a few weeks and were really starting to like each other.  Sam had

dinner in the oven and a nice bottle of wine on ice.  Everything was looking good.  Sam was paying extra

attention one something very important, that the apartment was free of allergens.  He knew how his

new sweetie could get.  No air fresheners, check, no incense, check, and…most importantly, no strong

candles, check.  Sam did have one candle without scent just for romantic effect.

Sam heard a knock at the door.  He answered.


“Heeeyyyyy!” Cynthia said, bottle of champagne in hand.  There certainly wasn’t going to be any

shortage of spirits this evening.  The couple exchanged a hug that was longer than just a friendly one.

The new couple chatted for a bit and then sat down to dinner, laughing and flirting all the whole time. 

They finished both their great meal and chilled wine and sat down on the couch together.  They opened

the champagne and sipped it as they continued to chat.  They were both a bit tipsy.

“You know Cynth, I think you a pretty great!”  said Sam.

“You’re not thso bad yourthself, hehe.”  Cynthia said with a playful smirk, sipping her champagne.

Sam gently took her hand and gave it a little kiss.  Cynthia looked very flattered.

Sam leant over to the table to set his drink down and turned around to see Cynthia’s nose flared, and

eyes slightly closed.  She has already sat down her drink on the side table and was trying not to sneeze.


“Eh……eh…..eh..eh..EH…” Cynthia was getting ready to lose this battle.  Sam knew the drill and grabbed

two tissues.  “Here you go hun.”  Sam said.


Cynthia’s sneezes were almost extra squeaky around Sam.  She didn’t feel the need to hold in as much

because she knew he wouldn’t make fun.

“Bless you Cynth!”  Sam said.  He was a bit worried now.  Did he clean the apartment enough?

“Oh excuseth me, my goodnessth!”  Cynthia exclaimed.  She blew her nose and then got up to throw

away the tissue.

“Are your allergies acting up?”  Sam asked, concerned for her and for any potential lack of preparation

on his part.

“No, um, I think the champagne bubblesth just gave me a bit of a tickle, hehe.”  Cynthia laughed it off,

with a weird sort of apprehension she normally didn’t display.

“Gotcha, well, bless you again, hehe.”  Sam laughed and leaned over and touched Cynthia’s hand.

Cynthia smiled sweetly back at him, but only for a moment.  Her sweet eyes slowly shut and her nose

began to flare again.  Another sneeze attack was on the way.

“EH………EHHH………EEEHHHH…”  Cynthia was trying desperately not to sneeze.  Sam knew it was useless

and just handed her another two tissues.


Cynthia tried to apologize for her second squeaky sneeze attack.

“No need to apologize Cynth,  I am worried you are getting sick!  I’m also worried if you are allergic to

anything in here.”  Sam said with concern.

“No, it’sth not that,” said Cynthia, sniffing.  She looked like she may sneeze again.

“Well, maybe I throw out the champagne!  I think I may have some regular wine.”  Sam suggested.

“It’sth not that, Sam.”  Cynthia said.  She had an unusually serious tone.

Sam looked at her with a little confusion.  Cynthia began to explain.

thSam, I really am starting to like you. Sometimes, when I get nervous, it makes me sn…..eh…..eh….EH..”

Cynthia couldn’t even finish the sentence.  Her nerves overwhelmed her nose.  She quickly covered her mouth and nose.


“Bless you Cynth!  Aw, is that really what’s going on?  Hehe, I’ve never heard of that!”  Sam said with a gently teasing laughter.

“(sniff)  I know, I’m thso weird.”  Cynthia said with an embarrassed smirk.

Sam thought for a second.  He had gotten to know Cynthia pretty well and knew that all she really

needed was reassurance.  He moved over on the couch right next to her.  He put his arm around her. 

She seemed a little surprised, a little nervous, but also somehow a little comfortable and even looked a

little bit thrilled.

“Cynthia, I want you to know, you have nothing to be nervous about.  I really like you too.  And I want

you to know that I am a gentleman.  I am going to treat you very well as long as we are going together,

and I will show you plenty of respect and affection.”  Sam said, looking right into Cynthia’s eyes.

This immediately set Cynthia right off “Oh, thSam, I, uh, I…EH…………EEEHHH,”  Cynthia’s nose began to

flare, she looked like another sneeze attack was imminent.

Here is where Sam took a chance.  He leaned over to Cynthia in a way as if he would kiss her.  Cynthia

put her hand up in gentle protest.  She wanted to kiss Sam but absolutely didn’t want to sneeze on him.

thSam….wait…huh….eh….I’m gonna sne…..” Cynthia started off, however she was interrupted.  Sam

leaned in and gently kissed her nose.  He sat back down, with his hand on her shoulder.

“Eh….EEEHH…………”  Cynthia hitched twice, but looked at Sam through semi-closed eyes, calming her pre-sneeze expression.

“…….False alarm.”  Cynthia said.  She was all around gooey looking at Sam.  They looked very tenderly at one another.

“Good.”  Sam said.  It was going to be a wonderful evening.


                                                                                               THE END

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