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Sick, Stuffy, Itchy Nose


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I'm sick 😢

I caught some bug going around. I was really unwell for a few days, I've got lots of energy now but I have a lingering stuffy, itchy nose. I don't normally get sneezy from colds, but this one has been pretty unusual for me.

I'll usually feel a tingle in my left nostril, which builds very slowly. I might try rubbing my nose out of irritation, but it's almost impossible to stop the itch. Eventually my nose is burning, I'll let my mouth fall open and turn my head to the side and wait while my breath hitches, sometimes for 5-10 seconds.

ha.. haSHHEW

Most of the time I feel like there is a second sneeze right behind it, but they never come. No doubles from this entire cold :(

As I've been feeling better I've been doing some cleaning, which has involved getting into some dusty cupboards. I'm not allergic to dust, but it can definitely make me sneeze, and on top of a cold I had some pretty great clusters of singles.

Yesterday I was crouching down moving some things out of a cupboard and cleaning a layer of dust off of them. My hands were full, but I very suddenly got a very intense tickle in my nose. I was completely powerless to stop it, I just tried to aim towards my elbow:


It was so powerful I had to lean against the cupboard door to stay balanced.

I probably sneezed 15-20 times while cleaning over 2 days, all singles and most of them were spaced apart with a few minutes of really tickly buildup.


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