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The evil cold (Villainous fanfic) with ChatGPT


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Hi guys, I want to take advantage of the recent release of villains to make a fanfic with the help of chatgpt since I always have ideas for certain characters but I don't know how to write that well, so this is done by chatgpt and a couple of my edits. I've been wanting a dementia fanfic for a long time and this AI fulfilled all my fantasies so I hope you enjoy them too so here it is:


Demencia, Flug, and 505 were assigned a crucial mission by their nefarious leader, Black Hat. Their objective was to infiltrate a heavily guarded facility and retrieve a valuable artifact. However, there was one problem: Demencia had caught a cold and couldn't stop sneezing.

As they approached the facility, Demencia's sneezes began to build up, threatening to give away their presence. Flug, with his scientific expertise, handed her a handkerchief and warned her to be careful. "Demencia," he said, "I already told you to cover your to cover your mouth when you feel a sneeze coming."

Demencia sniffled and nodded, trying her best to suppress the sneezes. But the tickle in her nose became unbearable, and she felt a sneeze approaching. "Ah... aHhh'TSccHh!" she sneezed suddenly, unable to hold it in.

Flug winced at the loud sneeze. "Demencia!, try to keep it down. We don't want the guards to hear us," he whispered, concern evident in his voice.

"yeah yeah I-I'll try," Demencia replied, sniffling again. But her efforts were in vain as another sneeze built up. "eh... ehhh hh MptCh!!" she sneezed, the sound echoing through the corridor.

505, the loyal bear, turned towards Demencia. "Bless you... Demencia," he said with ahe said in his characteristic baw language.

"Thanks, bear" Demencia muttered between sniffles, her nose now redder than ever.

Flug glanced around nervously, worried that their cover would be blown. "Demencia, we need to be quiet. We can't afford any more sneezes," he urged her, trying to keep her focused.

Demencia nodded, determined to keep her sneezes at bay. But the irritation in her nose persisted, and she felt yet another sneeze building up. "Uhhhuh... uh ehhhchu!" she sneezed, the force nearly knocking off her goggles.

Flug sighed in exasperation, realizing they had no choice but to adapt to the situation. "Alright. We'll proceed cautiously and make the best of it. Just try to minimize the sneezing, if you can."

Demencia nodded, feeling a mix of frustration and embarrassment. She understood the importance of the mission and knew she had to control her sneezes. But as they continued through the facility, the sneezes persisted.

Despite the challenges posed by Demencia's cold, the trio managed to complete their mission successfully. Demencia's sneezes, though uncontrollable at times, didn't ultimately hinder their progress. They returned to Black Hat, artifact in hand, who grumbled about Demencia's condition but acknowledged their triumph.

And so, Demencia's cold and her unpredictable sneezes became a memorable part of their mission, adding an unexpected twist to their villainous endeavors.


After a long and arduous mission, Demencia, Flug, and 505 returned to their villainous lair, eager to rest and report their success to Black Hat. However, as they stepped inside, Flug immediately noticed that Demencia's condition had worsened. She was now running a fever, and her sneezes had become more frequent.

Flug approached Demencia with concern in his eyes. "Demencia, you don't look well. Your fever seems to be getting worse," he said, his voice laced with worry.

Demencia sniffled, her forehead glistening with sweat. "I'm f-fine, Flug," she replied, her voice weak and strained. "Just a little under the weather, that's all."

Flug couldn't help but worry, knowing that Demencia's health was deteriorating. He placed a hand on her shoulder gently. "We need to take care of you, Demencia. Let's get you to your room and make you more comfortable ok?"

As they made their way to Demencia's room, her sneezes started to build up once again. "Heh...heeeeshew!!" she sneezed, her voice hoarse.

Flug fetched a tissue and handed it to her, trying to be supportive. "Here, Demencia. We need to keep your germs contained," he advised, concern etched on his face.

Demencia nodded weakly, accepting the tissue and wiping her nose. "Th-thanks, Flug. You're the best," she managed to say, appreciating his care.

As they reached Demencia's room, Flug tucked her into bed and grabbed a thermometer. "Let me check your temperature, Demencia," he said gently, placing the thermometer under her tongue.

Demencia's sneezes interrupted him before completing his action "ehh...hhuurshhhhheww Eh... ehhhhurshoooo... ehhshhheew!," she sneezed in rapid succession, her fever clearly making her uncomfortable.

Flug moved away before gently putting the thermometer back on her, anxiously watched the thermometer, waiting for it to display the result. "Dem, your fever is quite high. We need to get you some medicine and help you rest," he stated, his voice filled with determination.

Demencia weakly protested, but her sneezes revealed her discomfort. "I... I can't... let the team down... ehhchoo! I'm... fine...cough cough..." she sneezed, her voice shaky.

Flug sighed softly, understanding her dedication but also recognizing the importance of her well-being. "Demencia, taking care of yourself is just as important as any mission. You need to rest or I promise I'll tie you to the bed" he insisted, his concern evident.

With a mix of reluctance and gratitude, Demencia finally gave in. "Okay, Flug. I'll... rest. But promise me... ehhh you'll take care of things... ...ehhkshhuuuu!" she sneezed, her words interrupted by another forceful sneeze.

Flug nodded, a gentle smile crossing his lips. "I promise, Demencia. We'll take care of everything. You focus on getting better," he assured her, his voice filled with genuine care.

And so, Flug stayed by Demencia's side, ensuring she had everything she needed to recover. He monitored her fever, brought her medicine, and comforted her with soothing words. Demencia's sneezes continued to persist, but under Flug's watchful eye, she slowly but surely began her journey towards a healthier state.


The next day, Demencia's fever had subsided, but she still had occasional coughs and sneezes. She ventured out of her room, feeling slightly better, only to find Flug and 505 showing signs of catching her cold. They were both sneezing and coughing intermittently.

Flug, with tissues in hand, approached Demencia. "Hey, Demencia. How are you feeling today?" he asked, concern evident in his voice.

Demencia shrugged, trying to downplay her symptoms. "I'm... better, I guess. Still sneezing a little," she replied, sniffling softly.

As they spoke, Demencia's sneezes and coughs began to build up once again. "Ah-choo! Huh... huhhh-choo!" she sneezed, the sound echoing through the room.

Flug frowned, realizing that he and 505 were starting to exhibit the same symptoms. "*sigh* it looks like we've caught your cold," he said, his voice tinged with a hint of congestion.

505 nodded, his bear voice slightly affected, he confirmed, before letting out a cough. 

Demencia sighed, feeling a mix of guilt and sympathy for her friends. "ups... I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to get you sick," she apologized, her voice still raspy.

Flug waved off her apology, understanding that these things happen. "Don't worry, Demencia I mean obviously it's your fault but we'll take care of each other," he reassured her, offering a tissue.

As the day progressed, their sneezes and coughs became more frequent, creating a symphony of sniffles and throat clearing. "ehhhshoo! Cough... huh... cough... ahh... ahhhehsshu!" they all sneezed and coughed intermittently, their voices overlapping.

Realizing that they were all feeling under the weather, Flug suggested a sleepover. "How about we have a sleepover tonight, guys? We can take care of each other and make sure no one feels alone," he proposed, offering a comforting smile.

Demencia and 505 nodded in agreement, appreciating the idea of being together during their recovery. "Sounds good, Flug. We'll keep each other company," Demencia replied, her voice still husky.

And so, that evening, Demencia, Flug, and 505 gathered in the living room, armed with blankets, tissues, and soothing remedies. They shared stories, played games, and offered comfort to one another amidst their occasional sneezes and coughs.

Through their shared experience, they discovered that even in sickness, their friendship provided warmth and support. As they settled down for the night, Demencia and Flug sleeping on 505 as a pillow they all found solace in knowing they were not alone in their battle against the cold.


The following day, although the team felt slightly better, they were far from healthy. However, their nefarious leader, Black Hat, seemed oblivious to their condition. He called them into his office, his patience running thin.

As Demencia, Flug, and 505 entered the room, Black Hat barely spared them a glance. "You three, get to work immediately!" he barked, his tone gruff and uncompromising.

Flug hesitated, concern etched on his face. "Black Hat, we're still not fully recovered. It would be wise to allow us some more time to rest-," he suggested cautiously.

Before Black Hat could respond, Demencia interrupted, her determination shining through her weakened state. "You know what? I'll can go out alone! I feel the best among us, so I'll handle the mission," she declared, her voice a mix of resolve and congestion.

Flug and 505 began to argue, worried about Demencia taking on the task alone. However, their discussion was cut short by a sudden sneeze emanating from within the room. It was Black Hat.

"Heh... huhHCHHOOOOO! Huh... hah-CHOOOO!" Black Hat sneezed, his voice betraying his discomfort.

The team's eyes widened in surprise, their earlier concerns momentarily forgotten. They exchanged glances, realizing that even their powerful and authoritative leader was not immune to their shared affliction.

Flug couldn't help but smirk, an ironic twist to the situation. "Looks like even you, have fallen victim to the common cold," he remarked, amusement lacing his voice.

Demencia couldn't contain a chuckle, her congested laughter intermingling with her lingering cough. "hahaha ohhh Blacky I guess you're not as invincible as you thought, huh?" she teased, her words muffled by her stuffy nose.

Black Hat scowled, a mix of irritation and vulnerability briefly crossing his face. "Enough of this nonsense! Get out of my room and get your sorry selves to work!" he commanded, his sneeze-filled words punctuated by a final forceful "ehhhhCHOOO!"

Demencia, Flug, and 505 exchanged glances, realizing the irony of the situation. They had been expelled from their own lair by their sneezing leader. However, amidst their amusement, a newfound sense of unity blossomed. They understood the importance of taking care of themselves and each other.

As they left the room, Demencia turned to her teammates, a mischievous grin spreading across her face. "Well, it seems like we're not the only ones who need a little time to recover. I guess we have another day off" she suggested, her voice tinged with a newfound sense of camaraderie.

Flug and 505 nodded, their spirits lifted by Demencia's words. "Agreed. We'll use this time wisely and return to our villainous exploits with renewed energy," Flug affirmed..

And so, as the team ventured out of the room, the sneezes and coughs persisted, but they also carried with them a newfound understanding. Their shared experience, even with their formidable leader, reminded them of the importance of self-care and supporting one another in times of vulnerability. Together, they would rest, recover, and return stronger than ever to carry out their villainous endeavors.

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