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Hii, I'm new to posting here!


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This will be my first ever post, oh boy I'm shy right now, aha. So, I'm 2Awkward4Life. I go by he/him and I've been lurking for literally years on the forum, but I thought it was about time to introduce myself to you lovely people! I'll be making an effort to post a variety of content, perhaps some snzart and self obs! I can't wait to share my drawings and content with y'all :)

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@2Awkward4Life Welcome! 🤝 🌷 ! I've been lurking here for years too before I joined - only two and a half weeks ago. 😄 m looking forward to whatever you feel like sharing! 👍

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Hey there, welcome ❤️ I'm an ex-long time lurker too, haha! It's so nice that you've joined, hope you'll have a ton of fun around here :)

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