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This Morning


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While getting ready for work this morning, I had a sneeze totally catch me off guard.  Usually I can tell when they’re going to happen, but this time there was no chance.  It sounded like hut-CHOO!  I sneezes into my shirt as I was trying to be quiet and not wake anyone in the house up. 

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19 minutes ago, kiku said:

Bless you! I hope you were successful in not waking anyone up. 😉

Thanks!  Fortunately I was able to keep quiet, though if it was any bigger of a sneeze I would’ve been 1000% louder

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3 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

🙈 bless you loud sneezes make me jump 🤣🤭haha 

Thank You.  You just made me realize that I made another autocorrect mistake in my story 🤣🤣.  On a sidenote, I want to chat with you more off the forum.  Do you have a kik or are you on discord? 

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2 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

🤣🤣 I am always doing typos 🤣 oh we can’t put our details of kik etc in the comments here 😅 

Ohh that’s right we have to be “posters” before we can share info right? 

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21 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Not sure 😅 I don’t think there is a certain level of member that is required to be verified. Still not too sure how it works 😅


Me neither lol!

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2 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:


Honestly I think it goes by a certain number of posts you have.  That’s why we have ranks.  At least I think that’s why. 

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Just now, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Yeah that could be right 😅 I haven’t really  been watching my number of posts 🤭 

The only reason I know is because I get notifications. 

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5 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Aww yeah I used to get them quite often but not really now 🤭 

Seems like I get quite a few notifications from a certain someone 😏😉

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44 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

🙈 haha yess I love to write so I am like yaay each day coming on here and saying “Heeey” I go to own posts and post there first and then I see others posts 🤭🌟 I read slow so I haven’t read lots of the sneezefic stories on here, making my way through them little by little 🌟 and also wrote a couple of my own, not so well… but I had fun writing them haha 

Do you write professionally?  You’d make a good novelist. 

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20 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Aww thanks 😊 I am writing my first book and I have published several magazine articles 🌟  

That’s cool 😎.  Any magazines that I might know of? 

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