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A well deserved Kudos indeed!


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Kudos to @Jess Starseed1111 for being an amazing woman and contributing member to the forum.  Whether it’s her stories or just having a chat, she makes you feel like you’re important. 

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seconding this ❤️ i love the sweet, kind, compassionate energy you bring here 

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47 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Gwen Stefani Crying GIF by The Voice

Awwwwww myyyyyyyy this is sooooooo sooooo sweet 😭😭🥹🌟🌟@sneezefan222 thank you so much for this post and for your incredibly very kind and warm hearted post and words to me 😭🥹 (I said post twice 🤭) I have really liked speaking to you on here 🌟🌟 You are soo amazing and so kind, so cool and friendly 🌟I really didn’t expect a beautiful post like this 🥹 my heart is melting 🌟💖💖

Awwwww thank you so much  @Femiline77 @Melody myyyyy 😭😭 you both are sooo amazing,  sooo kind, sooo friendly and soooo incredibly coool!!! 💖💖💖💖  I just LOVE speaking to you both on here 🌟🙈

🌟🌟 I absolutely love talking on here to such amazing members, sooo kind, soo friendly and sooo creative 🌟💖💖 

My gosh … such a beautiful post 🥰🥹🌟💖💖 

Your welcome friend.  

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@sneezefan222 What a wonderful idea! 🌸 I'll be glad to join the party too. 😊
@Jess Starseed1111 It's so great to have you here in the forum. You bring so much positive energy, love, and humour to this place. Every post from you brings a smile to my face! ❤️
Thank you for being the way you are. 🤗 😘

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On 6/18/2023 at 1:35 PM, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Jennifer Aniston Proud Cry GIF by E!

Awww thank you so much for your really kind warm hearted words @Rick 🙈🥹🥰🌟🌟🌟 awww it so lovely receiving all of the beautiful messages on here 🌟 I truly didn’t expect it at all 🙈 (blushing)  I am so happy that my posts make you smile - that made me smile too 🥹🌟 


You're seriously so nice, and so active too, really someone I'd like to chat with!

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