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I heard Harry Styles say the word ‘hayfever’ with my own ears


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And I will never be okay again. 
I was at one of this concerts a few days ago, a few people few flowers towards him during one of his songs and he said 

“this is terrible for my hayfever” and he rubbed his nose.  I was recording it. I haven’t been able to share the video because after he says it you can hear me drift off singing in a weird way. Needless to say, I was shocked. There are clips on TikTok of it, I will link. 


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I was at the same show! Truly don’t know how I didn’t pass out…

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I’ve had a few people asking for my reaction to him saying hayfever… I’ve clipped it. Here it is… 😂


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11 hours ago, snzer said:

This has to be a dream 🫢 Thank you for clipping!!!

It was… Interesting to say the least. I completely lost my flow and was just standing there kind of singing along but as one of his songs say “living in a daydream” 😂

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