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A small self-obs today


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So, admittedly I’m not very good with putting in writing my observations (hence why I don’t usually post them).

However, earlier today I had such a huge and fulfilling sneeze that I wanted to share.

This morning, not much after I woke up, I realized I woke up late and the sun was already peeking through my window. I am not much of a photic sneezer, but something about the way the sunlight hit my eyes and perhaps being rushed hit me hard!

I could feel one coming on and I tried to hold it back so not to wake anyone else, but I hitched and it just came out loud and hard.  It felt so insanely amazing!!  And a smaller one followed after that, so that was a nice little fit.  Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about it all day haha 

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2 minutes ago, Justasneezygirl said:

Awesome! Bless you! :)

Thank you!!

It felt sooooo good, I’ve been aching to induce myself some today when I can hehe

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1 minute ago, kiku said:

Bless you, @rysosneezy ! I can imagine that felt good. 🤧😊

Thank you!!! It did and I’m still feeling the after effects of it! Hehe

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