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Visit back to my old high school (F)


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So I went back to my old high school last week to see a basketball game for an alumni night. After the game I decide to walk the halls back to all my familiar spots feeling all nostalgic. As I pass through the main hallway, I find my old locker which just happens to be right outside a classroom with the door open of a redhead Spanish teacher that I wish I had for her noseblowing. She's a bit of a heavier set woman in her early 50s, short bobbed red hair, bright blue eyes, slim bridged nose with round prominent nostrils. She's pretty attractive for a heavier woman and her ability to honk like this makes her kinda irresistible. I'm standing there looking around as memories are coming back and suddenly from the open door of the classroom I hear a deep loud VERY sharp sounding honk "SHNNNNNTTT!" And then the same once again. Of course I can't resist investigating so I pop my head in the door and see who just produced this wonderful sound...it was the redhead Spanish teacher! I know it was her because she still had the tissue around her nose wiping away what she just blasted out from those honks. We lock eyes and she smiles from behind the tissue "Oh hey, Brian! How was the game?" She says to me as she throws away the tissue casually like it was nothing and I just stumble all over my words in awe of what I just heard her do but still manage small talk with her for about a minute before saying our goodbyes and I'm still left stunned.

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