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Sneezing fit at work


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I'm back at work, despite still having a cold. It's not usual that I sneeze in fits but today they just kept coming..

When I felt the first sneeze coming I grabbed the handkerchief I had semi crumpled on my desk (a large blue bordered one), pressed it to my nose just in time. 


Snrrff. A sneeze, not the end of the world several days into a head cold. 

Oh no here comes another. 

"HEHSHOO!!" straight into the crumpled hanky. This one much more forceful and left my nose feeling very runny all of a sudden. 

I pinched the hanky around my nose as I sniffled a little. Another tickle already lurking. 

"HEHH-SHOOO!!" Into the hanky again. I sniffed wetly and massaged my nose in the cloth. 

This time I had time to take the handkerchief off my face for a moment. Unraveling and loosely refolding it. Snrrfff snrrfff snrrfff.

"HEHSHOO!!" straight back into the hanky. 

I sniffled again already feeling another tickle. 


I sniffled wetly and rubbed my nose with the hanky. I took down my hanky again preparing to fold it over again to blow my nose. 

"Do you want a tissue?" 

The lady at the desk beside me asked motioning to the box she had. 

"Ummm", I wiped my nose a little with the hanky as I sniffed some more. "Thanks", I took a couple without thinking. 

"I know you've got a hanky but it's always nice to have some tissues when you've got a cold", she said. 

I said thanks again and promptly blew my nose very wetly. 

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Bless you lots. Again how nice of the lady to offer you tissues 🤧 

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