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Clients (store contagion)


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i haven't written in so long. this one is inspired by a guy I saw at the cash register who turned away to sneeze openly in the air since his hands were busy holding his debit card paying. he sneezed right in the waiting room! So this is just some contagion and sick sneezing at the pharmacy.


Ellie was a cashier at a pharmacy laboratory, where prescriptions are prepared, sold, and where clients can talk to the pharmacist for advice. She loved her job and working with people, even if it meant being at risk of getting sick as she was constantly around sick people. It was winter and cold season was starting, and this year seemed like it would be hard.

December 28 •

Ellie was bagging up medicine when a young woman came over to the counter with a pink nose and a very congested voice.

- Excuse be, could I talk to the pharmacist? 

Ellie called the pharmacist and told her she could move to the next counter. She overheard her conversation with the pharmacist about how she had a really bad cold and needed something for her throat and nose, and she couldn't help but keep listening. 

- I just don't kdow if there's anything stronger I could t-take- hEH-TSHOO! hEh-tSHEE!

She simply turned her head away and sneezed openly in the air. Ellie saw the pharmacist grimace and give her some cold syrup. Then the woman came over to Ellie's counter once again, to pay for it.

- It's going to be 8.79$ please!

The woman took out her coins and started counting.

- 25 cents... one ten cents... three one dollars... one- hEH HAH-TSHEEW!

She sneezed all over the counter since she was holding the cash, and Ellie felt some of the spray on her hands. The woman didn't say a word and turned her head away. She attempted to sneeze over her shoulder only to spray the air with all her germs.

- hAH-TSHOO!! HEH-HATSHOO! I'b so sorry I didn't mean to sneeze all over you the first tibe!

Ellie thought sneezing openly towards the rest of the store wasn't any better, but she didn't say anything.

She was going to go wash her hands immediately, but more customers came and she ended up having to stay there, until she eventually forgot about it and continued her day touching her face and everything carelessly, just like the customers who put stuff down on the counter having no idea it was infected.

(to be continued!)



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