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My Sneezy Hubby returns!!!


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Hello all, I have returned as it is again allergy season for my hubby and things have heated up a lot lately because of it! 

I’ve made previous posts with detailed interactions but they are likely long burried so I will recap our story! 

To make things easier let’s just call him “Josh”. My husband, “Josh” and I have been married for almost a year now, and for a few years he has known about my interest in his sneezes. He’s very handsome, He has short cut hair with some length on top, dirty blonde, tan, blue eyes, about 5’11, muscular build with sharp, dark eyebrows (that he lets me pluck a bit for him). Big calves, what I call “dad abs” because he’s really got visable abs, big obliques and big V lines but is still soft and comfortable looking not flexing. If you know what I mean? 😅 really big biceps and wide, meaty hands. Thor lookin mf.  A gorgeous, sweet, golden retriever country boy who is otherwise vanilla and just likes anything mechanical. He’s An electrician for daily work. A man’s man when he needs to be but also know as just the softest sweetest guy ever, always complimenting me and saying he loves me, even around his friends and family which makes me a little awkward but I still like it :) he knows about the fetish as I was unable to keep it a secret when we first encountered the situation when we were together our first year, and he’s since just really gently and slowly became more playful and open about it and feeds into it. 

when summer starts here he gets such aggressive allergies the kind that just make you feel a bit mad for him, run in and grab takeout for the two of you because sitting down in a restaurant is just not pleasant for anyone around, and of course the obvious here which is that it drives me mad! Sooo I help him with reminding him to avoid allergens or take some medicine which literally does nothing but it makes me feel like I helped ..

if there’s a way to find my other stories you can have more info about his sneezes they are powerful and almost always wet/spray. He’s got a bigg”er” nose and it flares a lot when he’s sniffling or before and after sneezing🤧 

Things haven’t been so hot in the bedroom lately for whatever reason, we have 2 kids and new jobs and I guess it just goes in waves but at least we are now riding a big one! His allergies started late this year but He’s even been sending me videos while he’s at work of him sneezing but they were snapchats at first so I told him he has to send it so I can keep it! And he has been. I have a great compilation started and our sxlife has been almost too much hahah. He said last night he was mad his whole life that he just had such bad allergies and always sneezing, and felt like “why me” about the whole thing, and now he knows why he had to suffer so long.. I said “uh ditto” because always wondering why me for the sneeze fetish. Some things are just weird bonuses in our lives I guess. 

I’ll try to ad to this thread as more things happen but so far I’m not around for much of his sneezing fits as they’re mostly in the morning when he’s at work, but I’m absolutely loving the videos. It’s almost better than being around it and trying to act normal 😅


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Allergy season can definitely heat things up that’s for sure! This was a great read! My wife will also send me videos of herself sneezing and I’ve got quite the compilation as well lol. I’m glad you also have a spouse who is open about it and indulges in it!

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I’m sure he’s very appreciative that you not only don’t mind his allergies, but that you care for and comfort him when he feels awful, and as a bonus it gets you hot under the collar!

He obviously cares about making the most of it, if he records his sneezing fits on videos for you! 

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@Kizzykai That sounds really lovely! It would be wonderful to read more about his sneezy allergies, if you feel like sharing something. Bless him! 🌸 😊

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