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I was surprised by the lack, or very little, fanfiction with female characters from Gensin Impact, although there is room for creativity. So I decided to write my own. I hope you will enjoy.

Part 1

Beidou's ship had docked at Li Yue's harbor for over an hour now, and now she and Kazuha were heading to the restaurant where they were supposed to meet Ningguang. The time was approaching noon and despite the fact that she woke up late, Beidou felt tired. Of course, this could be explained by the long and difficult voyage from Inazuma, if she had not been sneezing since morning.
“Haa'ekkSHIEW!!” Beidou sneezed once again.
"Captain, are you okay?" Kazuha asked.
: "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that there are so many spicy smells in here and it makes me sneeze."
Kazuha gave her an incredulous look, but said nothing. He did not want to spoil the mood of Beidou, who had been waiting for a long time to meet her old friend.
“Ehhh…hehh-k'tshIEW!! Hehh'kSHEW!! Hehh…hehh'kshHEWW!! ... Hehh-aATSCHIEW!!” 
"Bless you. Captain, are you sure you're okay?" Kazuha asked with growing concern.
"I'm fine, I tell you," Bei Dou replied as she patted his back. "Here we are."
"Hello Mrs. Beidou, sir... Ningguang is waiting for you on the second floor. Follow me." The young waiter said.
In the empty hall, Ningguang was sitting at a table, her secretaries were sitting at a table at a distance.
"Hello Miss Ningguang. Have you been waiting for us for a long time? I hope we are not too late," said Kazuha.
: "Ha ha, no, no, I just came myself"
"Hello, Ningguang," said Beidou, who had successfully overcome another sneezing fit.
The waiter came into the room and placed an order on the table.
: "I know what you like, so I ordered it myself. Beidou, here are your favorite slices of fried meat, Kazuha, and for you, fried tiger fish."
"Thank you, Lady Ningguang," Kazuha replied.
"Thank you. Let's start eating before it gets cold. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry," Beidou said.
Within minutes, she started sneezing again. Haa'ekkSHIEW! Huh-tschoo!! Aah-tschieww! Hehh-aATSCHIEW!, after that she wiped her nose on her sleeve.
Ningguang winced.
: "Bless you. Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yes, I'm fine," Beidou replied with a sniffle.
"Even though the captain says she's fine, she's been sneezing since morning and I don't remember ever seeing her sneeze like that. Except the time we lit the candles you gave me," said Kazuha.
Hehh-aATSCHIEW!! *snifff* : "Oh, no no ndo, Ningguang, no mbore aroma candles. I was a sneezy mess that day. Ningguang, you're just a devil," Beidou said with a smile.
Ningguang laughed. 
: "OK, no more candles"
Beidou sneezed again Hehh-aATSCHIEW!!
“Bless you, Beidou,” Ningguang said, slightly worried. She pulled out a neatly folded handkerchief from her waist bag and handed it to Beidou.
"Thank you Ningguang, but why do I need your handkerchief? I'm telling you, I'm fide"
: "Beidou, don't argue. Firstly, it's simply indecent to sneeze left and right and wipe your nose with your sleeve. Secondly, your nose is running."
"It's all right now," Beidou said with a hard sniffle.
“Eh, Beidou…” Ningguang sighed and shook her head.
"By the way, we have a present for you. Excellent sake from Inazuma." Kazuha suddenly said, pulling out a bottle.
“Yes, great sake, we were treated to a bottle when we were in Inazuma,” said Beidou, rubbing her nose with the back of her hand.
"Great, I'm very pleased. You can come to my place later for a drink together." Ningguang gestured to one of the secretaries to pick up the bottle.
"Sounds great. We'll think about it," Beidou said. She sneezed again Hehh-aATSCHIEW! Hepstchoo!
"Beidou, are you okay? I don't remember you sneezing that much. Are you sure you didn't catch a cold?" Ningguang said. There was concern in her voice.
: "Don't worry dear, I'm fine and perfectly healthy."
Seeing that Kazuha had disappeared somewhere, Ningguang moved closer to Beidou.
"That doesn't sound very convincing considering your nose is running," Ningguang teased her.
:"What? Where?"
"Right here." Ning Guang said as she took out her handkerchief and gently wiped her friend's nose. The soft fabric was pleasant to Bei Dou's poor nose, but this gentle touch provoked another sneeze. Hepstchoo! Hehpsheew! 
It was pretty wet.
:"Bless you. Keep the handkerchief. I have a spare."
Beidou blew her nose and muttered, "Thank you."
Ningguang patted the captain on the head.
"That's how we'll do it now," said Ning Guang, gesturing to one of her secretaries.
: "May, call the waiter, please." A slender dark-haired girl in round glasses nodded and left the hall.
Soon, a female waiter appeared. "What does Lady Will of Heaven want? The bill?" she asked.
:"I'd like to add another chicken soup and jasmine tea to our order."
meanwhile Beidou lost out to another sneezing fit: Haa'ekkSHIEW!Huh-tschoo!! Aah-tschieww! Hehh-aATSCHIEW!
: "Poor thing. If you want,  can spend the night with me."
Beidou blew her nose. : "Thank you. But what about Kazuha?"
: "I don't think you should worry about him, he won't be lost."
At this point, Beidou overcame another sneezing fit. Ehhh…hehh-k'tshIEW!! Hehh'kSHOW!! Hehh…hehh'kshHEWW!! ... Hehh-aATSCHIEW! He was so strong that the captain had tears in her eyes.
Ningguang gave her friend a worried look and wiped the tears from the corners of the pirate's eyes.
: "When you finish your soup, let's go to my place, you definitely need to go to bed"

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On 6/30/2023 at 1:43 AM, Sneezybird said:

Awww this was so good! Thank you for writing and sharing *_*

I'm glad you liked it. I'm thinking about the second part.

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