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Coffee Shop obs for any coughing fans present :)


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So I’m at the coffee shop I manage a few hours into my shift running through the small list of tasks as the shifts changing when I hear a woman’s explosive cough echo through our lobby. As there were two people in total sitting a large distance away, I quickly deduced the cough came from one of our regulars who’s an attractive, oddly muscular brunette woman around 30 who happened to be posted with her laptop and some books in the seat closest to our bar. The second outburst of two coughs came a short few minutes later followed by sniffling to which I fought with every ounce of my being not to gawk at. The third came in a more wet and productive form notifying me that this might be more than allergies and that we may have a cold virus in our lobby ( yay c-: ). This continued with breaks of no more than 5-10 minutes with a bonus sneeze added for the next few hours before she left.. following I let some time pass and nonchalantly ‘straightened’ up the tables around where she’d sat crossing my fingers I might be tipped in a cold virus for her chai.

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