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summer solstice sneezes (self)


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Four S's, wow. Hey. 😂 So, I’ve had allergies since I was really young but not really in a sneezy way. It’s the same with colds, it only seemed to have started relatively recently, like in the past couple of years.

A few days ago I ran out of my usual allergy meds, and I wasn’t in a hurry to buy new ones since my allergies usually don’t get too bad. Although lately I guess I’ve been feeling it lol. The other day I was out shopping with a couple of coworkers, and I kept feeling like I had to sneeze. I was trying to hold it back, but after a bit it was kind of overwhelming. At a certain point in some isle (either crafts or gardening) I sneezed twice into my elbow. Thankfully no one seemed to notice.

And then the next morning (yesterday), I got up early to go somewhere and was making coffee in the kitchen. I was also making a sandwich for breakfast so I was buttering bread, and I felt this urge to sneeze, so I turned away from what I was doing. And I remember this tickle or urge being really intense, so I sneezed once and then again, pretty hard, without a breath in between. Then I remembered that I’d taken Claritin the evening before so I reached up to get it from the cabinet, and I sneezed again as I was opening it (in my head I thought it was such an ad moment lol). And so I got a glass to pour myself some water and I as I went to the water dispenser I sneezed again. And I think I did again after I filled my cup with water. Then I heard my mom from her office by the living room go “You okay? All these little sneezes,” or something like that, and I just laughed and went “Yeah”. And like, I didn’t even think anyone would be able to hear me from outside the kitchen because my sneezes are so small, but. Ahh. :blush: I probably haven't sneezed that much since I got sick last month, but that's a story for another time.

Anyway that’s kind of it. It’s been better today, though my eyes seem a little teary. Hold on- I was waiting for my brother at the bus stop and after sitting outside for a while I sneezed. I jinxed that last thought. 😂

Happy belated summer solstice.

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Bless you, and happy summer solstice! Though I'm a tad late... That's a very well written obs!

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