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Love and Tissues (SuperGirl, Sick Kara)


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Hey everyone, long time no see. Apparently I just materialise here every so often, throw a lil story out and disappear back to the depths. Anyway just a fluffy cute Kara x Reader rewrite of s1e7 (an actual sick Kara feature!) for everyone

Please, we’re going to ignore the awful editing.

let me know your thoughts and opinions too if you have any : D  Enjoy!


Running around the office at 7:30 in the morning definitely wasn’t your idea of fun but that was just the nature of working for Cat Grant. Still, maybe you would’ve been a little more focused on the task at hand though if there wasn’t something more important occupying your every thought.


Kara was human. Well, as close to human as she’d ever get. The loss of her powers had come as a sudden surprise and she wasn’t exactly taking it lightly. The DEO had kept her cooped up for most of the weekend, insistent on running tests on her to try and document what was happening. 


She was due at the office 5 minutes ago and you couldn’t help but worry. You would’ve given her a ride but she’d insisted on checking in with Alex first leaving you to head in alone.


But it was just as you pulled your phone out of your back pocket to give your girlfriend a call that the shrill ding of the elevator rang out and you spied a certain blonde haired girl in the crowd of people but it was just as quickly as you saw her that her head bobbed down suddenly and you heard something you’d never actually heard from her before.




Concerned, you quickly made your way towards Kara, weaving through the crowd of people in the office. Her sneeze was loud and forceful, catching everyone's attention. As you approached her, you could see that she looked visibly exhausted, with flushed cheeks and watery eyes - truth be told it made your heart ache a little.


“Oh baby, what’s wrong?” You whispered, mindful of over listening ears, wrapping an arm around her waist as the two of you walked to her desk.


“Alex said its just a cold but I feel like I’m dying.” She whined dramatically and you instantly softened a little when you heard what was wrong, “I can’t breath through my nose at all, how do you people deal with this, it’s not fai- Hh’iiishoo! His’iishoo!”


By some God awful stroke of luck, your boss had chosen that exact moment to enter the office, and her face twisted into a mix of disgust and annoyance upon hearing the sneezes. Maybe a normal person wouldn’t have cared but she was Cat Grant, greatly feared, incredibly stern and horribly germaphobic.


Cat’s expression quickly changed from her usual stern demeanor to one of disgust as she approached the two of you.


"What is going on here? Who just contaminated my entire floor?” Her voice cut through the air, sharp and commanding. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the sight of Kara, who was still sniffling and rubbing her nose beside you.


You could’ve heard a pin drop.


The office fell eerily silent, everyone stopping what they were doing to witness the mess that was about to unfold, Kara couldn’t respond - she was too busy trying to keep her flooding sinuses under control. 


“Miss Grant, everything’s fine.” You stammered out, watching your words carefully as you tried to think of an reasonable excuse.


Meanwhile Kara's face contorted, her eyes squeezed shut, and her mouth opened slightly as she struggled to hold back a sneeze. 

Her shoulders shook with the effort, and you could see the desperation in her expression out of the corners out your eye as her breath gave into wavering hitches.




Ultimately her efforts seemed to be in vain though as you felt her hand come to grip your shoulder tightly to steady herself whilst she simultaneously turned away and fell victim to an intense volley of wet, messy sneezes.


“Hh’tsSHIEW! Hhh’iiishiew! Hheh-hTSHOO!”


The sound echoed through the office, each sneeze causing heads to turn and eyes to widen. Cat’s expression turned from disgust to utter disbelief as she witnessed Kara's uncontrollable sneezing fit.


The silence that followed was broken by a few suppressed chuckles from some of the employees who couldn't help but find the situation amusing. However, Cat's stern glare quickly silenced them.


"That's enough Kara," she said with a wave of her hand. "I didn’t need a demonstration."


You chose to ignore your bosses comment instead your focus was on your girlfriend who was swaying on her feet despite her hold on your shoulder and it was obvious to anyone that she was a little disoriented as she mumbled out a weak and pitiful, “S’cuse me.”


"Well, Miss Danvers, it seems you've caused quite a spectacle," Cat commented, state. "It's clear that you're not fit to work today. I won't tolerate a sick employee spreading germs and compromising the productivity of this office. 


Her tone was laced with disapproval as she visibly backed away from the sniffling mess but to everyone’s surprise, she seemed to soften a little when she saw the way Kara sank into your touch as you wrapped your arm around her waist again.


“But luckily for you Kara, it just so happens you haven’t take a sick day in your entire time working here so I strongly urge you to take one, I’ll even let your partner here look after you considering they’re probably carrying hoards of your germs already.” 


With that, Cat turned and walked away, her attention already shifting to another matter. The office slowly returned to its normal hum of activity, but you could still feel the lingering gazes of your coworkers. Some wore amused expressions, while others seemed sympathetic towards the pair of you.


Kara sniffled, a wet and weak sound as she pawed at her nose, “That was so embarrassing.” She mumbled, slowly packing up a few things she’d need to take home with her.


“Kara, honey, use a tissue.” You sighed upon seeing the mess she was making of the sleeve of her blouse, “At least she’s actually showing sympathy for once though, its better than getting fired.” You added before heading over to your own desk to grab your keys.


“Come on, let’s get you home.” You offered out your hand as the pair of you left the office space and patiently waited for the elevator to arrive.


Once safely hidden inside the iron machine, Kara finally allowed herself to relax, her exhausted eyes meeting yours as you held her a little closer.


“I really don’t feel well.” She rasped, her voice was sounding worst by the minute.


“I know baby, I know. We’ll get you home and changed into those big comfy pajammies of yours, get some medicine in you and get you feeling better, okay?” 


Kara shifted her head curiously, “Can I even take human medicine, it won’t make me grow a second head or something?” She asked before scrunching up her nose and suddenly sneezing down into her hands.


"Hh..eh'Hehktshoo!.. Hah-ah'tshi!”


“Bless you.” Your tone was soft as you hummed your response, “We really gotta teach you some etiquette, don’t we?”


“I didn’t feel it coming!” Kara whined a little at your comment but chose to save the rest of her reply when the elevator doors opened out to the ground floor lobby.


You both stepped out of the elevator and made your way to the parking lot, where your car was parked. Kara sniffled and shivered as the cool breeze hit her clammy skin. Unlocking the car, you held open the door and helped her settle into the passenger seat making sure she was comfortable before taking the seat behind the wheel.


Your girlfriend sniffled thickly as the two contrasting temperatures of the fairly warm car and cold air messed with her sinuses, “Ugh my nose is so runny. Its not fair.” She whined a despite the congestion lacing her every word she was still utterly adorable - even if she was sick and a little frustrated.


“There’s tissues in the glove box if you need em, I’d prefer not to have my dashboard sprayed with your germs.” You teased lightheartedly, giving her thigh a small comforting squeeze, “You could nap if you want to though. Rush hour traffic’s gonna take about an hour to get through anyway and honestly baby you look exhausted.”


Kara nodded weakly, her eyelids heavy with fatigue. "Yeah, a nap sounds good," she replied, her voice strained. She reached for the tissues in the glove box and quickly wiped her nose, wincing at the rawness of her skin.


You started the car and merged into the slow-moving traffic, glancing at Kara every now and then to check on her. She had leaned her head against the window, her eyes closed, and her breaths came out in shallow, congested sighs.

As you navigated through the busy streets, your mind was filled with worry for your girlfriend. She’d never been sick before so it was bound to be hitting her hard.


Seeing her sick and vulnerable like this tugged at your heartstrings. You wished there was more you could do to alleviate her discomfort.

Eventually, you arrived at your apartment building and parked the car. Helping Kara out of the vehicle, you guided her inside, making sure to support her as she stumbled slightly. Her body felt warm to the touch, and you made a mental note to check her temperature later.


Once inside the apartment, you carefully led the still sleepy Kara to the living room and helped her settle on the couch, fluffing up the pillows for her. She instantly sank into the cushions, sighing in relief as she found a more comfortable position.


You disappeared into the kitchen, preparing a hot cup of tea for Kara with a dash of honey and lemon to soothe her throat. Returning to the living room, you handed her the steaming mug, the comforting aroma filling the air.

"Here, drink this pumpkin. It'll help soothe your throat a little, I’m presuming it hurts.” You said gently, sitting down beside her. Kara took a grateful sip, the warmth spreading through her body.


"I don't know what I'd do without you," she murmured, her voice hoarse but filled with gratitude. That gratitude may have come a little early however as the steam arising from the tea seemed to irritate her poor, red nose sending her a flurry of sneezes which she’d muffled into your side.


“Hhi’tshh! Hh..h’ischiew! Hhup’sssh!” 


You chuckled softly, feeling the tickle of Kara's sneezes against your side. "Bless you, sweetheart," you said, rubbing her back gently but stopped when Kara pulled away, keeping her hand clasped over her the bottom half of her face while cursing under her breath


“What’s up?” You looked at her strangely for a second and you mentally kicked yourself for not bringing the tissue box from the car with you once you realised what was wrong, “Hold tight baby, I’ll be right back.”


You quickly disappeared into your bathroom and located another box of tissues and hastily returned back to the sofa her little panicked expression plain across her face.


“Let me clean you up sweetie?” You whispered, as if lowering the volume would make the request feel less vulnerable and while took another minute or so of persuasion, your girlfriend finally lowered her hand and allowed you to sort out.


One handful of tissues later and everything was fine, Kara settled back down, nuzzling against your side, this time with a tissue box sitting on her lap. Pretty soon she had gotten into a fairly repetitive cycle:


Wetly sniffle repeatedly until she earned a hum from yourself then blow her nose tentatively (not quite accustomed to the technique yet) which would ultimately cause her to sneeze and consequently repeat the cycle.


You’d lost count of how many rounds of the cycle had passed when Kara had finally dozed off, giving in to her exhaustion. Carefully sliding yourself out from beside her you took the chance to sneak off into the kitchen and prepare some food. It was around lunchtime now anyway and you were willing to bet she’d also skipped breakfast.


Standing over the stove, you made light work of putting together a simple soup for her, something to heal the soul but be light on the stomach sort of thing.


You had been so concentrated on the soup that you’d failed to notice the small padding of footsteps behind you so when two small arms wrapped around the front of your waist you couldn’t help but jump a little.


“Hi sleepyhead.” You murmured as Kara let her head rest against the back of your neck, sinking into your warmth as you continued to cook. As her skin made contact to your own, the stark difference in temperature was definitely little worrying. That was the next job after soup - checking her temperature.


You had wanted to stay in the moment for a little longer though, rocking your hips as Kara swayed sleepily along with you, but her sinuses seemed to have other ideas.


The poor kryptonian was barely able to register the feeling of a tickle before she ducked down, sneezing against the back of your neck and shirt.




It took every morsel of your will not to flinch. Instead you took a deep breath and slowly turned around to meet the teary, apologetic eyes of Kara who had just realised what she’d done.


“Im so sor-“


“No, no Kara, it’s okay!” You quickly cut her off, “It was just an accident, thats all. Bless you by the way.”



You reached for some kitchen roll and handed it to Kara, motioning for her to blow her nose. She did so, sniffling and wiping her eyes before going over to the sink to wash her hands.


"Let's just focus on getting you feeling better, okay?" you said, giving her a reassuring smile. "Your soup is almost ready, you can eat this and then we'll check your temperature and find some medicine for you to take.”


Kara nodded, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice still raspy. "I'm sorry for sneezing on you."


You chuckled and gently caressed her cheek. "No need to apologise, love. Accidents happen, especially when you're not feeling well. Just take it easy, and we'll take care of everything. I know this must be difficult considering you’ve never been sick before.”


You finished preparing the soup for her and served it in a bowl, placing it on the dining table. Then you fetched a thermometer and returned to Kara, who was sitting on the couch, sniffling and looking a little bit drained now as a feverish flush sat across her cheeks.


"Let's check that temperature pumpkin," you said softly, reaching out to touch her forehead. It felt warm to the touch, confirming your suspicion. "You definitely have a fever, poor girl. Let's see how high it is."


Kara obediently opened her mouth, and you placed the thermometer under her tongue. While waiting for the reading, you sat back down beside her and rubbed her back soothingly, drawing random cycles and shapes with your fingertips in the way you knew she liked.


As the thermometer beeped, you removed it from Kara's mouth and checked the display. The digital numbers confirmed your suspicion—a mild fever.


"You have a low-grade fever, babe," you informed her gently. "But don't worry, we'll take care of it. Let's get you some fever-reducing medicine, and then you can have your soup."


You helped Kara up from the couch and guided her to the bathroom, where you located the necessary medicine from the cabinet. Returning to the living room, you handed her a glass of water along with the medicine and watched as she took it, her throat still sore and scratchy.


"Good job, sweetheart," you praised her, placing a comforting hand on her back. "Now let's head back to the dining table. The soup should be just the right temperature by now."


The two of you sat down at the table, and you watched as Kara slowly savoured the warm soup. She had lost her appetite a bit due to her congested nose, but the comforting flavours and warmth seemed to do her some good.

Between spoonfuls, Kara would pause and blow her nose, sometimes sneezing softly into a tissue. Each time, you offered her a sympathetic smile and handed her a fresh tissue, never making her feel embarrassed about it.


Once she finished her soup, you cleared the table and led Kara back to the couch. You settled her under a cozy blanket, making sure she was comfortable. Her eyes were heavy with exhaustion, and you knew she needed rest.


"I think it's time for you to get some sleep, darling," you whispered, brushing a strand of hair away from her face. "I'll be right here with you, taking care of you."


Kara nodded, her eyelids drooping. "Stay with me?" she murmured, her raspy voice barely audible.


"Of course.” You replied softly, positioning yourself next to her on the couch. You wrapped your arms around her, holding her close, and soon enough, Kara drifted off to sleep, her breathing becoming more peaceful as she finally got some well deserved rest.


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