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I took a trip to the local zoo yesterday and it was a hot sunny and windy day . I witnessed a women having a sneezing fit at the giraffe viewing platform . Not sure if it was hayfever or animal allergies but it was a great obs .  I was standing at the giraffe enclosed when   I heard a loud  sneeze ( eeechuuu). I looked up and spotted the sneezer -   a young woman around 20 and slim with blonde hair and a small nose . As I looked up she sneeze again another fairly loud sneeze and then another which she stifled  .  I kept an eye on her after this and saw her take a tissue from her pocket and blow her nose hard . I went back to viewing the animals and then a minute or so later I heard her sneeze again -  and again and again. Eeechuu, eechuuu, eechuuuu !  She launched into a fit and they were getting more powerful and desperate and she ended up  walking away from the enclosure sneezing at least 8 times before she was out of view and ear shot . Bless her!

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