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Several people on here have said that they sneeze more often than usual when browsing the forum (myself included). I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we can post when we have just sneezed while on the forum, and also say what we were looking at when we sneezed. It literally just happened to me, which is why I had the idea for this post, so I'll go first

Just sneezed once (but pretty loudly) while reading Catching My Roommates Cold by @Trynasneeze 

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Well, I don't remember which thread it was but I was checking General Discussions because I didn't browse in for awhile and I've got a fit of 2. Which for me is huge because I don't have fits frequently 🫣

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I like to induce myself sometimes as I browse thru here lol

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It’s funny you mentioned that because when I read or see any good content on the forum it usually leads to me sneezing.  

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I was in What looks better and I started to sneeze right before posting 🙈

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