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"i didn't wanna wake you up with my cold"


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A has been up all night battling a cold. their nose is too bunged up for them to sleep, they have to sneeze every few minutes, their head is pounding and now the coughing has started too. they begin to cry, out of frustration, exhaustion and because they feel bad about potentially waking up B, who is somehow sleeping through all this. so, they grab their nearly empty box of tissues and pillow before shuffling downstairs to sleep on the living room sofa. after another excruciating hour or two of sneezing, coughing and scrubbing at their leaky nose, A finally falls asleep. when B finds them in the morning, their pillow is stained with tears and there's at least a dozen crumpled up tissues littered around them, each one completely drenched in snot. B's heart lurches at the sight of their poor baby. A makes a snuffly snort in their sleep before going back to heavy mouth breathing and snoring, which tells B that their sinuses must be really backed up, because they never snore otherwise. B starts to clean up the used tissues, quietly, as not to wake A, who clearly need as much sleep as they can get. however, their cleaning is interrupted by A coughing themselves awake. their cough sounds just as congested as their nose, which is also starting to run. B quickly runs to their side, dropping the tissues into the waste bin next to the sofa before they begin rubbing A's back. "you don't sound too good sweetheart." B says softly, tucking a few strands of hair behind A's ear. "you should be tucked in bed with a cold like this, why are you down here on the sofa?" they ask. "i d-d-idn't wanna snnrff! wake you ub with by code" A mumbles, their voice thick with congestion. before B can respond, they notice A's eyes have started fluttering, nose twitching, breath hitching and their scrambling for a tissue, but the box is empty. B quickly pulls down the sleeve of their sweater and presses it against A's streaming, trembling nose. “iiHGkSHuhew! hhEiiKSHHEW! huhh-IGkSHuhEW! SNFSNF! hUHEISHH’ew!” A sneezes, leaving B's sleeve covered in the aftermath, but they don't mind at all. B gently dabs at their nose, cleaning up the mess, trying not to further irriate the red chapped skin around their nostrils as they do so. "bless you baby," B coos, "sounds like you've come down with quite a cold." A nods their head in response, followed by a few soupy sniffles. B puts a finger under A's chin, tilting back their head and getting a good look up their nostrils, both of which are filled with snot and terribly swollen. no wonder the poor thing can't breathe. next, they touch the back of their hand to each of A's flushed cheeks, and then their forehead, which is definitely warm enough for a fever. "alright, let's get you back up to bed." B says, after pressing a soft kiss to A's warm forehead. "i'll get you all tucked in, a fresh box of tissues and then i'll fix you up some tea and soup, ok?" A nods again, followed up a few small coughs and a wet snort. B smiles slightly, their heart aches seeing A so miserable, even if they do look and sound adorable. they scoop A up in their arms and carry them bridal style upstairs to the bedroom, ready for a day full of tending to their poor, cold-ridden sweetheart.

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This scenario gives me butterflies!! The forehead kisses, the flushed cheeks... love love love every part of it.

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Ooh, I love this scenario!!!

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@snottysnz This is so heartwarming! ❤️ Poor A... Such a bad cold. 🤧 And B is so sweet, taking care of A and even catching A's bout of sneezes with their sleeve, tenderly wiping their poor nose... 🫠 Lovely!

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