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My odd little inducing game


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As someone who enjoys sneezing, I have tried lots of funny little ways to induce in my life. From this, I have created a sort of game where I assign myself a location and I have to sneeze before I leave. This location is almost always a space that I live in since I want to be completely alone, but sometimes I can achieve this in other places like single-toilet public restrooms. Here's how it works.

  1.  Either start wherever you are or choose a designated area that must contain something capable of making you sneeze. I create varying levels of difficulty depending on where I am, where the hardest is anything in arms reach, medium is a corner or section of a room, and easy is the whole room. Actual difficulty depends on the sensitivity of the person, of course.
  2. Ensure complete privacy. The goal here is to become somewhat of a sneezy mess. If there is any possibility of someone walking in on this or overhearing it, do not become a sneezy mess. Also, make sure you have some tissues.
  3. Start the game. I look around for anything I could safely stick up my nose, but if you had common allergies that make you sneeze keep those in mind also. Is there any settled dust to stir up? Any long, clean-ish objects that won't mind getting a little dirty? Are you the sort of person who can brush something around the nostrils and feel a big enough tickle, or do you need something to go inside your nose? Some things I have come up with are a thin hair tie twisted up, a piece of a granola bar wrapper ripped to a long point, a piece of tape folded to create a triangle shape, and the use of scissors to cut thicker paper or a thin foam sheet to the right shape. I have also done things like rolling up a tissue/toilet paper as well as the clothes tag trick.
  4. Go for it! Inhale that dusty book or the strong perfume. Circle those nostrils with the fluffy yarn. Tickle the inside of your nose with the folded-up notecard. Stare into the bright sky or the nearby lamp. Let everything out. I like to even switch between multiple things as I am going. How well does your method work? How many sneezes can you get in a row?

I'm not sure if anyone else does anything like this but I find it quite enjoyable since I like coming up with things and the feeling of sneezing, especially if my nose is already on edge from some other factor. 

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This is a very interesting game.  I feel as though most members play this game at home, with an intimate partner.  

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nothing odd about it, the creativity of the structure sounds quite... enticing


i will have to try

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