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So I have taken allergy med and I have not sneezed for most of the 2 weeks.i have had them. But today however is another story. Now, background. I have never sneezed from a cold. I mean never. So this one is driving my nose crazy. Even as I write this my nose tickles like crazy. 

I was working and been a bit sniffly. Rubbing my nose, that had been flaring and dripping. And suddenly the tickles got way too much for me to handle. I sniffed. Big mistake. I rubbed my nose to stop it, but it was so deep in my sinus I felt it sharply. A loud hitch... HHIIIIIIIEEEHHHH.... HHEEGGGGHHH.... and then it let go for about a second.... then caught me by surprise. YYYAAHHHHSSHHHEEEOOOOOO SHEEOOOO SSHEEOOOOO... THAT WAS THE FIRST OF MANY MANY MORE THAT DAY. 

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Thank you all. Still have it a bit. It's not letting go easily. It has tickled like crazy all day long. No sneeze though mostly false starts

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Good to hear that you’re feeling better!

If the tickling gets too much and you’re prone to photic sneezing, you could always trying to bring them on by looking at the sun, or at the torch/flashlight from your phone to get some relief.

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