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Taking A Sick Day (F, Cold)


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Never really written Oc’s before so here’s my first ever little fic for them :D

Riley is nonbinary but doesn’t mind feminine terms and 
Cassie is female :)

。°。°。°。°。° °。°。°。°。°。。°。°。

And just where do you think you’re going?”


The suddenness of a surprisingly stern voice coming from their girlfriend made Riley jump a little as they stood sniffling over the bathroom sink brushing their teeth.


“I’m going to -snf- work Cass, where else?”Came the garbled reply, speaking with a toothbrush in their mouth made it a little hard to reply.


Cassie crossed her arms, leaning against the bathroom doorway with a disapproving look on her face. "Work? Really? Babe, you hardy got any sleep last night.”


Riley spat out the toothpaste foam into the sink and reached over to grab some tp to wipe their mouth. However putting that rough, scratchy near their face quickly proved to be a very bad idea because instantly their red, running nose began itching horribly.


“huh’TSCHHhieww!…he-h…h’ehhpschoo!” Riley sneezed rapidly and wetly down into the flimsy material causing it to go damp instantly, “Huh-hh’KSshhiew!”


“God bless you.” Cassie sighed, taking the damp paper from their hands and replacing it with some actual tissues she had swiped from the box on their night stand, “This is exactly why I don’t want you to go in.” She added before depositing the used tp into the trash.

Riley accepted the tissue’s reluctantly, burring their poor, reddening nose into it as they blew before continuing, “We’re already short on cover -snf- and -snfff- there’s a really important governor meeting this morning too so I need hih- go hh- in-hhhi’tshoo! iit’shHIEW!”


Cassie's expression softened, concern etched on her face as she watched Riley struggle through another set of exhaustive-sounding sneezes. “I know you want to go in, I really do sweetheart. But look at yourself.” She paused, standing beside her girlfriend as they turned around to look at themselves in the mirror.


Messy long black hair was falling down their back, stray strands poking out in different directions every so often while their dyed green-fringe was slightly stuck to the sheen of sweat that dappled their brow. They were pale too - more so then usual and this sickly white look was only broken up by their red nose and fever flushed cheeks.


Riley let out a deep sigh which turned into a string of nasty, raspy coughing. Cassie’s soothing hand instantly came to rub their back and as Riley caught their breath the weight of exhaustion and illness finally settled into their body. The over-used tissue was still crumpled in their hand as they wiped their nose again, the action only providing temporary relief from the constant drip.


Cassie placed a comforting hand on Riley's shoulder, her voice filled with empathy. "You're in no condition to attend a meeting and sweetheart I’m sure your colleagues will understand.”


-snfff- I hate this.” Riley grumbled as they finally gave in, letting their head fall against Cassie’s (her shoulder would’ve been preferred but the height difference would’ve made that a little uncomfortable).


As Riley rested their head against Cassie's, a tickle stirred in their nose, intensifying with each passing moment. They tried to ignore it, hoping it would subside, but the sensation only grew stronger. Riley's breath hitched, and their eyes began to water as the urge to sneeze intensified.


"Huh... Hih... Hehh..." Riley's voice trembled, barely able to form the words before the sneeze took control. They tried to lift their head away, not wanting to sneeze on Cassie, but their weakened state made it difficult to move.


Cassie sensed what was about to happen and quickly snatched some tp from the roll, and held it up to their nose just in time. "Go ahead, sweetheart.”


Unable to hold back any longer, Riley succumbed to the force of the sneeze. "Hhih-ah'tshi!! H-ehh'SHIEW! Hh-hah- hH’hehkktoo!” Three rapid, messy sneezes were hastily muffled into the awaiting toilet paper held so kindly by their girlfriend. 


“Jeez, you really needed those didn’t you!”Cassie exclaimed, a little taken a back by the outburst as she cleaned up her girlfriend’s sniffling face, “Bless you sweetie.”


"Thanks," They mumbled, their voice even more scratchy and hoarse, definitely worst then earlier.


Cassie gently stroked Riley's hair, her touch comforting and soothing. "You're welcome, love. Now how does going back to bed sound? There’s soft tissues there instead of this rough stuff, it’ll feel a lot better on that fussy nose of yours. Plus, I have the day off, don’t I?” She allured, knowing Riley would realise where this was headed.




Cassie smiled, her arm coming to wrap around Riley’s waist as she slowly led them out of the bathroom and back to the bed, “Yes babe, lots and lots of cuddles, you’ll need plenty to chase that nasty cold away, won’t you?”


Riley couldn't help but smile weakly at the thought of being cocooned in Cassie's comforting embrace. They allowed themselves to be guided back to bed, sinking into the softness of the mattress with a sigh of relief. Maybe taking a sick-day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Forgot to add! This is a oneshot but any ideas for future stories with these two are appreciated ;D

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This was

52 minutes ago, Selkie said:

Riley couldn't help but smile weakly at the thought of being cocooned in Cassie's comforting embrace. They allowed themselves to be guided back to bed, sinking into the softness of the mattress with a sigh of relief. Maybe taking a sick-day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

This part is very cute!

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