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 "hey bab-" A turned to greet B, their partner, who was standing in the doorway of their apartment. their clothes were completely drenched and clinging to their body which was shivering like crazy, and their nose was running down their face. greeting B as they walked in the door. "baby! you're soaking wet! what happened?" they blurt out, the concern clear as day in their voice. B gave a few liquid sniffles and looked up slowly, their eyes were heavy and it honestly felt like they've been hit by a truck. "g-got caught in t-t-the rain" B mumbled, their teeth chattering, "i-i forgot by umbrella i-i-i'b so c-c-c-" *hhEiiKSHHEW! huhh-IGkSHuhEW!* they were caught off guard by a couple harsh sneezes. "aw, c'mere baby let's get you out of those wet clothes and into a nice warm shower" A said, taking B's hand and bring them to the bathroom to get them in the shower. once A had stripped them out of the wet clothes and got them under the hot water, they went to the laundry room and put them in the dryer, along with their comforter, a pair of socks and the sweater that B always likes to steal from their closet. while that was drying and B was showering, they went to the kitchen and quickly made some tea and heated up a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and brought them to the bedroom. after helping B get dried off and dressed in the warm clothes from the dryer, A carried them to bed and got the both of them tucked in under the warm comforter together. they wrapped their arms around B and could tell they were still shivering a bit, so they pulled them into a tight cuddle, hoping it would eventually warm them up. B's eyes fluttered a bit, they were clearly struggling to keep them open, they must be exhausted. "you can fall asleep baby, i'll be right here if you need anything" A whispered and pressed a few soft kisses against the back of B's neck. B sniffled in response and snuggled themselves closer to A, wanting to get as close as possible. the two of them slowly drifted off to sleep, completely forgetting about the tea and soup sitting on the bedside table, which was definitely cold by now. B sniffled and coughed in their sleep, occasionally waking up A who didn't mind at all, they just snuggled in closer each time, trying to warm up their poor sniffly, shivery little baby. 

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