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Sick makeup


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Im new to makeup i was a mascara and maybe blush if were very courageous type of girl. 

I startet to try to do my makeup to emphasize me having allergies (mascars i knew whas goung to run out higlighr my nostrils etc) anyone else got makeup tipps to look even more sick wothout making it obvious ur doing it on purpose

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I love this sort of thing, unfortunately, I don't have any tips for it. Do you do it for your own personal enjoyment? 

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The only things I can think of is apparently shades or red or bright pink eyeshadow can make eyes look redder, and I guess avoiding foundation or concealer to avoid hiding the redness of one’s nose?

I guess another tip would be to study the colour wheel theory that makeup artists do, and then do the opposite of the suggestions? Green is supposed to minimise or counteract redness, but I’m not sure how to emphasise redness without making it look obvious?

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There are tutorials for all kinds of special effects makeup on YouTube. I'm sure you'd find a tutorial for what you're looking for on there somewhere!

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