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Needed relief from cold hitching


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I should mention that although this obs involves a covid test, the test turned out negative. If you don't like reading about covid tests, this probably isn't the obs for you!

I am not a sneezy person usually, but I had a cold last week that was so intense. At the time I wanted to write about it but I was so ill so am now reflecting on what happened fully recovered thankfully!

I had been to a concert the weekend before and had a sore throat the next day. I thought it was just from talking over the noise but by the next evening I was starting to feel really run down and sniffing. My nose is usually dry as a bone so sniffing is a big warning sign I am getting ill.  By the Monday I had to admit I definitely was ill.  I have had colds before obviously but I have never sneezed so much from a cold as this nasty little virus. I probably sneezed once or twice every 10 minutes in the first day. As I was home alone and had relocated myself to the spare room to try and avoid my husband getting ill,  I just let the sneezes out hard. They were like HAaaashhhhhh. hassshhhhheeeww. I never normally get doubles, but nearly every sneeze was a double.

The trouble with this cold though was that the feeling of needing to sneeze never went away. My eyes were twitching and watering. I kept getting this hitchy flaring in my nostrils, and then often as not, nothing. When I did sneeze, I got relief for a little while but then the hitching started again. 

By Wednesday I was still not better, and I few people in my distant acquaintance had recently had covid and I thought I might as well do a test, especially as I had been to the concert. I have never had a problem doing the nose swab. My husband always makes such a massive (delightful) sneezy fuss out of it, sneezing multiple times after barely pushing it in a little bit. I often did the full thing without so much as a tickle. But this time.. 

Fortunately I still had one in date test lying around. I prepped the test, pushed the swab in and my nose basically exploded. Two massive wet sneezes straight away, AAAAAhhh AaaaShhhhhew, AAAAShhhhheeeewww. Then ten seconds later, asssshhhHhhhhew. Amazing. Then the other nostril produced another powerful one. HrrrrrSSSShhhhhhhew. I waited for the test, negative, thank goodness. 

But the tickle was now really really bad. My nose was buzzing. Under normal circumstances, I am never able to induce a sneeze. But maybe, I thought, maybe I could today. It had felt so good to get the sneezes out before. I relaxed back and with the help of some tissue coaxed a massive wet sneeze out of the right nostril. HaaaaaarrrrrSSSHEww. Then another massive one out of the left ReeeewwwwwhHhhhew. It felt incredible. I waited, then got another huge sneeze without doing anything. I love it when you get a bonus sneeze. I tried once more and got another beauty HaaaaaAaaaWshooooo. I then rested back, thinking I should probably not push it. 

I started to feel better the next day, and am now almost fully recovered. I will probably go months without sneezing again now, but at least it made a rubbish day a little more bearable.


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Oh you poor thing, I can’t even imagine how tickly that was for you! I am happy you are feeling better ☺️

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@ontheboat09 Bless you!! 🌸 Your self-obs was delightful to read, but I believe your nose must have felt very uncomfortable with all that tickly hitching... Good to know you finally got some relief and are feeling better now. 🍀

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On 7/2/2023 at 10:20 PM, ontheboat09 said:

But the tickle was now really really bad. My nose was buzzing.

I love it when people describe their nose as 'buzzing' with the need to sneeze - really gives an impression of just so urgently the sneezes are building up. And that sounded like one hell of a bonus sneeze :D 

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