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Your sick day


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"YEH-SHMPF" you sneeze into both hands, trying your best to stifle. 

It's 8am and you're on the bus to work. You started coming down with this head cold yesterday. You woke up with a sore throat and couldn't stop sniffling, then sometime around 4 you started to sneeze more than usual. 

And this morning at 6.45, when you woke up for work, the blocked nose had set in on one side, assuring you that you had in fact caught the common cold. 

And having a cold on a Wednesday morning is the worst right? Still so much of the week to go, and yet far enough in that you're already feeling run down as it is. 

That sneeze made your nose runny again. You plunge your hand into your pants pocket to find, surprise surprise, you didn't bring a hanky - god you must have been sleepy this morning. 

Seeing nothing in your vicinity that could function as a tissue, you instead give your nose a thick, wet sniffle, attracting a couple of stares from neighbouring passengers, and wipe the moisture from the end of your nose with the sweater sleeve you've pulled half over your right hand. 

Now better get ready, your stop is coming up. 

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45 minutes later, you're now at work. It's a frantic kind of day, with people rushing here and there and phones ringing again and again. 

Many of your colleagues are sick as well. You can tell that by the perpetual chorus of sniffing sounds punctuated by some coughs and nose blowing and the occasional sneeze. 

Thankfully, one thing came up your way. Instead of taking calls today you've been blessed with a rare opportunity just to respond to emails all day long. Maybe your boss heard the congested sniffling as you came in or maybe fortune just favours the sick. 

"YEH-SHMPF!!" you sneeze again, the fourth one this hour. Snrrfff snrrfff. You sniffle wetly, trying to keep your runny nose under control. 

"Bless you", your coworker Amelia says. 

"Thagks", you reply, sniffling again and wiping your nose on your palm. 

"You sick?" Amelia asks. "I had a cold last week, I think it's doing the rounds". 

"Yep", you reply, sniffling again. "This place should provide tissues - sidce they seemb to expect us to work through as mbuch as possible whend we're ill". 

"They did", Amelia explained, not really helping in any way. "Then they had some budget cuts like a year ago and decided people could provide their own stuff like that". 

"It's just anddoyigg havig to - snrrff - go the bathroomb all the timbe to blow mby ndose", you complain. 

"Don't you at least have a hanky or something?" Amelia enquired.

"Snrrfff - ndo, I do't", you reply, wiping your running nose on your sweater sleeve. 

"Probably would have been a good idea to bring some hankies or tissues when you're this sick", Amelia said. 

"YEH-SHOOF!!" you sneeze again, messing up your hands a little. 

You sniffle thickly and wipe your hands on your pants. 

"Bless you again", said Amelia. "I'd offer you my own but I've only got a small tissue with me and I've already wiped my nose a couple times with it". 

"Snrrff - YEH-SHOOF!!" you sneeze again - this is getting bad. "Snrrfff - I gotta go blow mby ndose". 

You get up, wiping your nose with your hand again as you sniff, and head to the bathroom. 

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Oooh wow..... I love this, can't wait for you to continue.

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4 hours ago, CharliesGirl said:

Oh please continue this! You write such great stories! 

Thanks so much! 

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