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Those of you that have told your partner, how have you talked to them about indulging you?

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Those of you that have told your partner, how have you talked to them about indulging you? 

I (25F) told my partner (28M) about my fetish 6 months ago. He took it so incredibly well! He doesn’t understand it, but he thinks it’s cute. He’s really excited that he can turn me on without  trying to. He’s started announcing his sneezes because he knows I like it. He even said he wants to sneeze into my chest if he could get the timing right. He’s really fucking sweet on me. It’s so amazing how much he does for me. 

He has expressed interest in indulging me. I really desperately want to take him up on it, but I don’t know how to ask. I feel like I could work up the nerve to ask, but if he asks how, what do I suggest? Ways to induce all feel so weird or extreme, and I don’t want to come of sounding super intense. I really wanna ask him for it, but I feel like not knowing what to say or how to not be weird about whatever I decide to say? Has anyone asked their partner to induce for them before? Do you have any tips? I really appreciate any input. Thanks! 

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I have, and we used white pepper but I wouldn't recommend that (it was before the chinnikni days (no idea how to spell - sorry - am posting on my phone in my lunchbreak otherwise I'd look it up). It did induce some sneezes but I don't know whether or not it's safe for inhaling.


We have talked about getting... the word that I can't spell, but haven't got round to it. It's hard to get a decent stretch of sexy time these days honestly given the kids, but we might look at it if we can ever get away to a hotel or something.  The benefit of that stuff is that it is designed for inhalation.

This is my totally inexpert unresearched opinion, to be clear.


In terms of asking I completely get the anxiety but honestly, I think it's okay to just ask. Especially as he's already expressed an interest. As long as when you make it clear that no is fine as a response (and you don't take it personally if he doesn't want to) I genuinely think it's all good. It's great for both of you that you're setting a precedent that this stuff can be discussed.

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"what do you bet i can male you sneeze on command tickling your nose" seems like a good start.

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When I told my partner about the fetish, he also thought it was cute and asked questions about what I liked, etc... Then he got up to get some pepper because he just wanted to try and induce. I warned him that it could hurt him and it wasn't really a good idea but I remember he still did it.

Then we talked some more about it and he asked how else he could do it, and then he wanted to try chhinkni. We bought some, he tried it and that's what he's been using for a few years now. Except when he has allergies, he doesn't need it during that time.

It's up to you to see what's the best approach with your partner, as you know him better than anyone. Maybe try and talk to him about the possibilities that exist on how to induce. Maybe he'll want to do it ot at least he'll tell you what he thinks about it :)

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