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Shared Sneezes and Dirty Hands (F/F)


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Once upon a time in a distant village, there lived two Indian girls named Priya and Aisha. These girls had a unique bond that went beyond societal norms. Their hands were rarely clean, having never experienced the touch of soap and water. Instead, they reveled in the sensual thrill of sharing each other's sneezes and the remnants that came with them.

One sunny afternoon, as the gentle breeze brushed against their flushed cheeks, Priya and Aisha found themselves lounging under a tree. Aisha's nose twitched, a telltale sign of an impending sneeze. Priya's eyes sparkled mischievously as she reached out her unwashed hand, offering it as a shield for Aisha's sneeze. With an unrestrained burst, Aisha's sneeze erupted, a wet spray of droplets onto Priya's outstretched palm.

"Ah-choo!" Aisha gasped, her voice tinged with excitement. Priya's fingers were glistening with the remnants of Aisha's sneeze, a mixture of moisture and mucus that clung to her skin. Aisha smirked, her dark eyes locking onto Priya's. "Looks like I got you good, Priya."

Priya's lips curled into a sultry smile. "Oh, you have no idea, Aisha." She brought her hand up to her face, her fingertips brushing over her lips as she savored the tangy, salty residue left behind by Aisha's sneeze.

Aisha's gaze grew more intense as she leaned in, her breath warm against Priya's ear. "You know what they say about shared sneezes, right?" she purred, her voice a seductive melody.

Priya's heart raced as she felt the electricity between them. "Oh, I do," she whispered back, her fingers tracing a delicate path along Aisha's jawline, smearing the remnants further. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, the taste of Aisha's sneeze mingling between them.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, their passion ignited, and they explored each other's bodies with unrestrained fervor. Their hands, coated in the remnants of sneezes, became instruments of desire as they traced over every curve and crevice, leaving wet trails of anticipation in their wake. Their shared pleasure echoed through the night, punctuated by whispered words and passionate cries.

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The intoxicating dance of desire between Priya and Aisha grew more frenzied with each stolen moment, their shared secret becoming the catalyst for their insatiable yearnings. Their nights were a whirlwind of daring exploration, where the sneezes and the damp residues they produced took center stage in their amoral pursuit of pleasure.

On a moonlit night that pulsed with anticipation, Priya reclined sensuously on a bed adorned with plush cushions, her body draped in fabrics that clung to her every contour. Aisha stood before her, a wicked gleam in her eyes that promised an evening of forbidden indulgence. With a tantalizing smirk, Aisha's fingers danced near her nose, a sneeze brewing at its precipice.

Aisha's chest heaved with restrained excitement, her fingers trembling as the sneeze built within her. "Ah... ah..." she gasped, drawing out the anticipation to its breaking point, before finally releasing it in a wet and explosive burst. The spray of droplets erupted onto Priya's outstretched hand, mingling with the moisture already present.

Priya's moan resonated with fervor, the sensation igniting her senses in an electrifying symphony of pleasure. "Aisha," she husked, her voice dripping with need. "You know how to unravel me completely."

Aisha's fingers traced over the damp remnants of her sneeze, her touch a seductive spark that set their desires ablaze. "Every inch of your skin is a canvas for my desires," she murmured, her voice rich with yearning.

As the night deepened, their passion ignited into an all-consuming fire. Their hands, coated with the mixed remnants of each other's sneezes, became explorers in a realm of unchecked lust. Every touch, every stroke, was an ode to their shared hunger, the mingling wetness on their skin an emblem of their illicit connection.

In the hidden corners of the room, their whispered confessions interwove with the sounds of ecstasy. Aisha's lips brushed against Priya's ear, her voice a velvety promise of pleasures to come. "I ache to taste you, to trace your every contour," she breathed, her fingers mapping a journey to Priya's most intimate places.

Priya arched and moaned, her body aching with need, her fingers gripping the bedding as pleasure washed over her in waves. "Aisha," she moaned, her voice a plea for more, for the culmination of their shared desire.

Their climax surged forth in a symphony of surrender, their cries mingling in the night air. As they clung to each other, their bodies entwined, the damp remnants of their shared sneezes merged into a connection that defied societal boundaries, each droplet a symbol of their amoral fervor.

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