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Sensitive Nose Day


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My nose is never this sensitive! Took the chance to record a bunch of induced sneezes back to back. Exciting for me to be able to sneeze this much in one sitting, but my nose felt pretty done by the end.


Let me know if you enjoy ❤️

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Bless you! Every time you share new clips of yourself it becomes my new favorite. This was as perfect as it gets. 🥰 Thank you! 

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So many nice words, really makes me want to post more 🥰

On 8/23/2023 at 1:00 AM, anonanon said:

Awhh bless you! I want more!!!

More: https://voca.ro/1oy9wxXzJN8t

Nose had been a bit stuffy and felt sensitive, so I induced as many sneezes as I could in a row. Enjoy.

Not sure where I should be posting these really.

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