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Trying to find a story


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Does anybody remember an old (probably at least as old as early 2000s) sneeze fetish story about a woman at the beach with her friend(s) with a very full bladder who starts to sneeze and eventually pees soaking the towel she's sitting on?

I don't remember much beyond that.  If I even knew which website it was on maybe the wayback machine still has it...  I'm just trying to see if anyone else recalls this. 

I guess it sticks in my memory because there still surprisingly aren't a lot sneezing + peeing fics out there.  Even though it seems like an obvious reason for a character to want to holdback their sneezes.

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While I'm not into that particular kink, it's certainly a memorable one, especially when combined with a kink I do like. Therefore, your description definitely sounded like one I'd come across as well. Written by one of the founders of the online sneezekink community, no less.

Is this it?


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That is exactly it.  I thought it might have been one of tarotgal's but for some reason couldn't find it earlier (I may have been looking at an older defunct version of tg's realm).  Thanks for your help!

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