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Have you met someone from the community IRL? If so how did it go?


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I’ve always wanted to meet up with ppl from the community who lived sneezes as much as I do but I have yet to do so. If you have I’d love to know how the experience went! I’m personally really shy 🙈 so I would be lowkey scared aha but eventually be open to!😊 

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I don't know if this counts, but I found out about this community via my Girlfriend, and now I absolutely love it, we talk about it very often!

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I thinking the same way that it will be a great experience to meet ppl from the community. I am quite open but it is awkward for me to ask a person to meet irl (It seems to me rude in some way). Do you feel insecure when someone offers to meet you irl?

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You know what would be wild if you met up with someone from this forum and you actually knew exactly who they are IRL. and you’re both just shocked. But id definitely be open to meeting IRL im just shy too and paranoid 😭

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I have met a few other people from this forum a long time ago. I dated one for a few years, it was cool to actually meet people in person. If the fetish didn’t even exist I would have still gotten along with them well. 

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