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Suggestive Sneeze Training

Deuce Williams

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I wonder if anyone has any theories or practices to train suggestive sneezing? Like, could anyone be a suggestive sneezer if they focused on certain things or rewrote certain neural pathways? It would certainly make inducing a lot easier! 

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I'm super into neuroplasticity, and how the brain rewires itself and how we can use it to our advantage (everyone: look this up, it's like having an awesome superpower)

And I am stumped on how one would get this to happen.

You could try self-hypnosis perhaps?

Maybe I'll try to play with a script for a hypnosis track, writing and recording meditation tracks is a thing I do from time to time...

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I don’t know about solely neural suggestion, but this could be possible in conjunction with physical stimuli.

Either by a) eliciting emotions that cause the nasal membranes to swell or shrink (and thus trigger a sneeze,) but that’s difficult or b) the easier option, by stimulating the trigeminal nerve by manipulating the parts of the face where the three branches are located. Those being the optic nerve (eyes,) maxillary nerve (upper jaw,) and mandibular nerve (lower jaw.)

Photic sneezing occurs when the optic nerve branch is overstimulated. Presumably this also why some people sneeze when they tweeze their eyebrows or receive Botox injections, (because the optic nerve branches out into the forehead as well.)


Anyway, I wonder if it would be possible to induce sneezing by wrinkling one’s brow or manipulating one’s jaw, and if so, I suppose that could be a possibility in conjunction with self-hypnosis.

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