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Sneeze-O-Rama game (made by a fellow fetishist?🤭)


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I can’t believe I discovered a sneezing game on app store. You’re supposed to record yourself sneezing and AI detects whether it was real or fake. Once you get enough points you can turn a wheel and hear another player’s sneeze (and chat with them if you  want)! 

There is the sad risk of hearing a fake sneeze but the app is still pretty cool! Has anyone else checked it out before?

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I can only hope this was made by some clueless vanilla out there, because I can't lie, this feels an awful lot like some of the sneeze fetish scams that have popped up in the past. Things like holding auditions for fake allergy medication commercials just to get free footage of people sneezing, stuff like that. Assuming there's any actual AI involved that would be a lot of effort to go through, and there is a part of me that feels like I'm being paranoid, but even setting the circus theming aside, I'm just getting a lot of red flags from this. And even if there's no malicious intent behind it, I feel like we as fetishists are obligated to not touch the bit that lets you listen to and chat with other users.

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