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Costumes and Colds - F/F, *oneshot*


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I'm in a halloween mood atm and I haven't written for these two for a while so enjoy a lil OC sapphic fic:

reminder: Riley is NB, Cassie is female :D


。°。°。°。°。° °。°。°。°。°。。°。°。°。°。° °。°。°。°。°。

"I really don't think this is a good idea Ri'," Cassie sighed as her girlfriend ducked down to muffle yet another exhausting sounding sneeze into her hands, watching helplessly her clearly sick girlfriend continued to pull on their costume. 


Riley's head popped up from their costume, their nose and cheeks flushed a rosy, red, "It’s fine Cass’," they sniffled, their voice a hoarse rasp of its usually self, "It's Halloween, our favourite holiday. We both promised we’d go to that party tonight.” 


“And you promised you weren’t feeling sick this morning and look where we are now.” She raised an eyebrow incredulously. 


“I’m not sick.” They said so bluntly Cassie couldn’t keep her face straight, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, I swear I’m n-not- Hh'tshhu! HHi‘TshhIEW!” 


Their words were cut off abruptly as Riley ducked into the sleeve of her costume, pulling back with a grimace at the visible damp patch she’d left behind on the light-gray fabric. Cassie only shook her head, pitiful of her miserable girlfriend as she made the trip over to the bathroom to grab the box of tissues which sat neatly on the countertop. 


“Bless you love.” She held them neatly out in front of herself, offering them out to her girlfriend. But just as the Riley reached out to take one, she lifted the box out of reach so that their fingers only managed to grace the sides, falling short of the much-needed box. 


Riley's eyes widened with a mixture of frustration and desperation. "Come on, Cassie, this isn't the time for games," they croaked, clearly struggling to keep their composure as their face crinkled up with that oh-so familiar tingling sensation tickling their nose. 


Cassie couldn't help but tease her stubbornly sick girlfriend a bit more, a playful smirk dancing on her lips. "Games? Who said anything about games, sweetheart?” She twirled the box in her hands, “You said you weren’t sick? Why would you need these?” 


“Cass- I swear Hh- I need- o-one.. Hih.. nowhH- Hhi’tshhoo! Hhu’tshiew! Hhih...Hh’gnxt!” They barely managed to stifle that last as they looked up miserably, itchy tears prickling their eyes. Their cheeks somehow managed to flush even redder, partly from embarrassment and partly from the creeping fever. They gave Cassie her best pleading puppy-dog eyes, but they were dampened by the threat of another sneeze that lingered on their trembling lips. 


"I'm serious, Cassie, please just give me one.” Riley whimpered; their voice now reduced to a pitiable croak. 


Cassie couldn't hold back her teasing any longer. She chuckled softly and finally surrendered the tissue box. Riley snatched a tissue and brought it to their nose just in the nick of time, releasing a desperate, “Hh’ItSHIEW!” into it. 


“My, my bless you.” She cooed, picking up her girlfriend’s cat-ear headband which had fallen off in the ordeal before sitting down on the bed beside them, “Your poor nose doesn’t seem so happy, I wonder if that has something to do with that fever of yours that you’re obviously running.” She sighed, her touch confirming her suspicions as the back of her palm was gently pressed to Riley’s red cheek. 


Riley gave Cassie a weak, lopsided grin, tissue still clutched to their nose. "Yeah, well, I can't let a little thing like a cold ruin Halloween, can I?" They sniffled and leaned into Cassie's touch, appreciating the comfort of her cool hand against their feverish skin. 


Cassie couldn't help but smile fondly at her determined girlfriend. "You're something else, Ri'," she said softly, her fingers gently brushing a strand of hair away from Riley's forehead, “You’re not ruining anything, and we both know you’d end up exhausting yourself if we go out there tonight, it’s meant to rain too and this little costume of yours isn't’ exactly warm. So how about we stay in, I’ll make up coco, and we can cuddle up and watch some cheesy horror movies? How does that sound instead?” 


Riley let out a relieved sigh as they leaned into Cassie's touch, their stuffed-up nose making their voice sound even more endearing. "Coco and cheesy horror movies actually sound pretty great right now," they admitted, finally surrendering to the fact that going out in the cold and rain with a fever was not the best idea. 


Cassie grinned and placed a tender kiss on Riley's forehead. "I thought you might like that," she said softly. "Let's get you out of this costume and into something warm, and then I'll whip up some cocoa for us." She helped Riley out of the costume, making sure to tuck them into a cosy blanket on the couch once they were changed into comfortable pyjamas. 


Riley's expression softened as they curled up and rested their head against the back of the sofa, smiling as Cassie pressed a soft kiss to their forehead, "You're too good to me, you know that?" 


Cassie winked playfully. "Well, someone has to keep you from making reckless choices, right?" 


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8 hours ago, CircleSquare said:

Thank you for writing f/f :) 

np! honestly we need the representation :,) 

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