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Jesse Pinkman catching a cold


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Hey guys so I'm new here and I really wanted to write a Fanfiction about Jesse having a cold in a scenario in their camper van with Walt. My first language is not English, so please excuse me if there are some mistakes. I hope you enjoy :) I think I'll make a second part, this here just plays at the van.

Walter got up extra early today to leave the house before anyone wakes up. After a long discussion Jesse and him agreed to that, and when there is a plan you should always follow it. Almost an hour passed when Jesse finally got to their little camper van.
"Jesse! Where have you been!" Walter stretched every word of that sentence-but then as he looked at Jesse he got quiet. "Oh dear god you look awful. What did you do?"
He just shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry for the delay, Mr. White. My night was fucking shit." Walter heard Jesses congested voice and started to feel a little sorry for him. At the same time he got angry, because a meth lab is a space that can under no circumstances be contaminated. "God you are sick aren't you." He looked annoyed at the boy, who rolled his eyes. "Not yet, jeez. I just woke up feeling like shit. Give me an hour to wake up fully and I´ll be just like always." He tried to laugh it off, but it wasn't convincing. His eyes seemed glassy and his nose has a red-ish color.
Walter sighed. "Well I guess as long as you are not coming in here high again, as you did last week. But I think I don´t have to mention that if you need to caugh or sneeze you don´t do it here?"  Jesse rolled his eyes again and just mumbled something that sounded like he knew better. As they started mixing up everything and filling the fluids Jesse still was fascinated by Walters chemical understanding that was way too complex for a normal person to understand. Even though Mr. White was, well, the way he was, he was a motherfuckin genius.
It was just at that moment, that Jesse noticed that his nose has started running. Quietly he sniffled. But the annoying feeling of his snot under his nose making its way to his mouth annoyed the shit out of him, so he went outside, so he wouldn't upset Mr. White by contaminating the van with his bacteria. "Hey!" But instead of answering Walter, Jesse grabbed a tissue out of the Tissue box in front of the van and blew his nose. As he wiped his nose and put up the gas mask he got back inside. "Sorry..", he said quietly, yet at the same like he couldn't care less.
"We don´t have time for sorry, we gotta hurry up so we get outta here before people start wondering again. I can't have Skylar and my son again worrying about me for that long- and I sure think you also want to see Jane afterwards."
Jesse nodded, and with the thought about seeing Jane, his face lit up. So he ignored his runny nose and just continued with the process. A few minutes had passed, as he suddenly started to feel a tickle in his right nostril. He rolled his eyes and tried to inhale and rub his nose by moving his nostrils, but it didn't help much. On the contrary, the tickling got even worse. But with the gas mask on he couldn't rub his nose, and if he'd go outside again now, Mr. White would definitely get pissed. He started sniffling again and his nose was running badly, he felt disgusted. But he couldn't hold it in any longer. ,,He chhtsch!" He sneezed into his gas mask. "Oh Jesse", Walter said, almost sounding pissed. Instead of answering, Jesse sneezed another two times in a row, but this time trying to stiffle his sneezes. ,,Hxxxtnhsch!!He chhatsch!!!" As he tried to stiffle the second sneeze he extremely failed. ,,Jesse! Get outta here!" 
"Bitch, I have that stupid mask on!!" He said while taking the mask off and going back to the door. "OUTSIDE you can remove the mask, not when you're almost outside, god Jesse do I really have to explain that to you?" Jesse didn't even bother to answer to that. As he opens the door he got to sneeze again, but catched it in his arm crook. He sat down in front of the van and looked up to the upgoing sun. His eyes had started to water and since his nose has started to run it wouldn't stop. He rubbed his nose with his sleeve and coughed a little. "Jesse are you okay?" This time Walter seemed gentler, almost a little concerned. "Oh yeah I'm brilliant the sound my head is making when I move is almost soozing", Jesse said with big irony. Then he started sneezing again, this time uncovered into the grass down him between his legs. "He acchhtschuu!! Haachtschu!" Walter looked concerned now. "Like that you're not big of a use. Maybe just rest and I'll finish this. We're almost done anyway." 
"-No, I'll finish it, just give me like a minute..." Then he sneezed five times in a row and afterwards let out a big, exhausted sigh. He rubbed his teary eyes and then laughed. Where the hell did that just come from? His throat got scratchy and hurted when he cleared it. "no Jesse trust me. You need to rest." 
Jesse nodded. "Yeah yeah.. Mhmm but still I want to continue this, then I'll rest at home. We're partners, yo." 
"Jesse, why do you have to be so stubborn?! When I say I can finish it and you should go home I mean it like that! It is also as I said, not helpful to have all this space contaminated. So please, leave." Jesse looked up to Walter, still wearing his mask above his face. But then he started sniffing again and rolled his eyes back. "Goddamn it-" 
"He chxxta!! Htschxx!!- I honestly don't know why this is kicking in that much now- Hxxxttsch!!" 
"I'll finish the batch. You wait here and I'll drive you home then. You're also starting look really pale." Jesse could only imagine that. He felt fucking hot and his throat was so scratchy now that it bothered him to swallow.
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Sneezing into a mask is always a classic. Great first story, looking forward to seeing more from you! :)

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5 hours ago, SleepingPhlox said:

Sneezing into a mask is always a classic. Great first story, looking forward to seeing more from you! :)

Thank you! :)

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