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As always, please bare with any mistakes grammar or spelling wise. Hope you enjoy! 


Next up is my birthday. Tommy wanted to surprise me big. I didn't have the slightest plan and no idea. Maybe a romantic dinner or a trip to Harrods. So I wait punctually at the agreed meeting point and I can already see his allergic, red nose from afar. The pollen won't leave him alone either. His allergies are somehow getting worse, because as sexy and exciting as I find his sneezing explosions to be, I still feel sorry for him, because it's not nice to suffer like that.

I greet him enthusiastically, as if we hadn't seen each other for days, although it was only the day before yesterday. We want to move in together soon, we just have to agree on an area. I would like Hackney but he prefers Belgravia. After I've hugged him wildly, he rubs his red, tearing eyes again and sneezes heavily into his handkerchief three times.

"Oh Tommy. Maybe we have to go to the doctor together, your allergic sneezes are getting worse and worse. I don't want you to suffer like that, even though I like the look of your nose so much." he smiles and kisses me back intensely. "Another time, I promise! Happy birthday, Helena."


He takes me in his arms. "Your birthday surprise is waiting for you somewhere else." he smiles and takes my hand in his. We walk a few steps and again he has to sneeze heavily. His eyes are watering and he can hardly keep up with blowing his nose, the sneezes come out so quickly. "ihHhhhSHHHHHHU! IhHh-ihhhhHHH-ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU! HAH-HAH-HAAAAAAAISSSSHOOO!"


I smile softly and stroke his nose. He sneezes again. "Oh Tommy." I almost sighed and he smiled briefly too. I'm still totally amazed that he just accepts my fetish and even fuels it. oh his sneeze blasts and his nose are so powerful and manly. so handsome and beautiful. We come to a parking lot and I see his car, he holds the door open for me and we get in. In the car I first smell the scent of Tommy's perfume, it's the perfume that tickles his nose so intensely and has made him sneeze several times.


He looks conscientiously at the street and rubs his nose again. "After all, the perfume wants to be used and I thought your birthday would be a good opportunity." he says before his breathing quickens and he has to sneeze heavily again. I hold onto the steering wheel and hope that everything goes well.

I would have driven too, but today he basically wanted to chauffeur me. The journey takes longer than expected and suddenly we are standing at the pier in Brighton. It's beautiful, the air is much clearer here and Tommy's nose gets a well-deserved little break, if only a little because his perfume still makes his nose tingle, at least he rubs it a lot as if to stop the tingling.


Suddenly I see Polly, his sister a little further away. She's holding something, but I can't see it yet. But I hear a bark and am more than surprised when a small beagle comes running towards us.


The beagle is very excited and Tommy smiles mischievously as he bends down to him.  The dog wags its tail excitedly and Polly comes towards us too.  I smile and am happy to see her, but suddenly my nose starts to tingle and itch and I know why. My dog allergy.  It's a bad one. My worst, so to speak...gosh. I will make a fool and Tommy will see it. 

Somehow I didn't get a chance to tell Tommy about it and now he chose this super cute beagle as my gift. I am rubbing my nose and my eyes are also starting to itch and tear.  Tommy notices and looks at me questioningly.  "Helena, what's the matter? Are you sad about the dog. He's yours. Polly and I chose him for you so that you won't be alone when I'm away on business."


I smile softly and happily pet the dog before I finally have to sneeze. My breathing hitches multiple times before I sneeze again rapidly and messily. Tommy hands me a handkerchief and he too has to sneeze again, not because of the dog but because his perfume is still tickling his allergic nose.  I swallow and look from Beagle to Tommy and back again.  Polly is the first to break through our sneeze "Oh Tommy, I think Helena is allergic to dogs, isn't she?!"  


I nod and sneeze into my handkerchief again "ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU!"  then wipe the tears from my eyes.  Tommy hands me another handkerchief.  "Oh darling, I'm so sorry. Of course, if I had known, I wouldn't have given you the dog! Forgive me."  I smile and stand on tiptoe to kiss him.  "You couldn't have known. Somehow I completely forgot to tell you about my allergies because I found yours so fascinating."  I have to sneeze again "ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU!ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU! ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU ISSHU!"  



Polly grins and takes the dog and walks a bit.  Tommy and I sit down on a nearby bench.  Both of our noses still sniffling in the handkerchiefs.  However, I smile at him lovingly and lean my head on his shoulder.  "We could keep the beagle if I take antihistamines every day, you have to, that would be fair."  But I can already see from Tommy's face that he doesn't like this suggestion "No Helena, you shouldn't suffer like that. Polly takes the beagle and we consider a pet, which gives you no allergic reaction. I'm sorry that I now don't have a real birthday present!"  


But I just shake my head and kiss his nose and then his lips. "You are the most important thing for me anyway. Thanks for the great surprise. Brighton is really nice! I will always remember this birthday."  


A few days later - Polly has christened the the beagle "Willa"- I suddenly get a surprise visit from Tommy at work. I'm really surprised, but really happy.  He is holding a bag in his hand.  When I look inside I have to grin.  There is a small stuffed beagle and a card inside.  I open the card.  


Tommy wrote "So you don't have to sneeze and someone you can cuddle when I'm away on business! Love, Tommy!"  

I laugh briefly, get up, go to him and hug him lovingly.  'This is the best gift of all!'  I'm excited to see what other birthday surprises Tommy has in store for the years to come.

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6 minutes ago, kiku said:

@AntheaHolmes Awwww, they are so cute with each other! Nice idea that Helena has an allergy too. 😉 The small stuffed beagle with the card is a lovely birthday present. 🌺

Thank you so much for your comment! Yeah. I thought about bringing some of my own allergies into the story. I would like a man like Tommy...so I play a bit with him... maybe I'll try something more "sexy" next time but then post it at the adult section. We'll see. I have lots of ideas in mind. Sexy and just cute. 

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10 hours ago, SneezeAbbie said:

This is such a cute start to this story! 

Thanks. You find all stories combined in a post here at original fiction if you wanna read more. 🌻

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