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Ahoy, Matey (Stranger Things, Steve)


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I want to say that this is somewhat of a prequel to ‘Stink’, but I also suppose the gremlins just haven’t left my mind yet.

This is set just before the start of season three, a little after Steve started working at Scoops Ahoy. I find the idea of Steve and Eddie interacting in the shop before season four kinda cute, and got inspired by fan art floating around. So, here we go~ 😛



Not a lot of people came to buy ice cream at ten AM on a Tuesday. Lucky for Steve, that meant he could take his time opening. His white sailor’s cap sat on the counter, while he tore open a new bag of cones to replenish the ones at the front. He’d probably have to top up the sprinkles, too - maybe he didn’t have to, now, at least, but it was something to do.


Robin would be in soon. Maybe she’d let him expedite. Despite the fun little date-no-date chart she’d drawn up a few days ago, he’d felt more up to interacting and taking orders - perhaps because it felt like things went faster that way. But that meant Robin would be taking the more complicated orders, replenishing things, and of course, keeping the score. 


“Morning, Dingus,” A voice came from the back.


“Morning,” indeed. Not good morning. Not bad morning, either. Just. Morning.


Eleven AM. Open for business. Steve lingered around the counter, picking up his hat and twirling it absentmindedly on his fingertips.


“Why’d you put them like this?” Robin questioned. Steve glanced over to see her standing over the small container with the cones he’d just filled.


“Like what?”


“You laid them down. Sugar cones go in the holder here. They’re gonna get all the flakes from the regular cones.”


“Oh. The holder thing just seemed kinda full.”


“Then why open a new one?”


Because they’re popular, Steve wanted to say, but just watched boredly as Robin tried to evenly stack the sugar cones in the right place. A small part of him also didn’t care about the little flakes on the cones, as long as all of them were accessible.


Steve’s gaze zoned out, looking straight ahead at the food court, where people were strolling around casually. For a while, no one came by.


“Why don’t you wear your hat?” Robin asked after a while.


Steve blinked down at the round, white thing in his hands. Too small for good hair and too cheery for how he was feeling.


“I’m allergic to clothing with anything positive written on it.” he said flatly, his eyes wandering around the shop.


“...‘Ahoy’?” Robin teased, playing along.


“Ugh, hives,” Steve shuddered, straightening up from leaning on the counter. He paced a little, glancing around for literally anything to do.


“No, you’re right. It would just ruin ‘the hair’, right?”


“Ha. Right, that’s…” He searched for a comeback - meanwhile, Robin wandered into the back room. “...that’s funny.” Steve looked up again at the shop entrance, willing a customer to materialize underneath the door frame. 


And by some miracle, one did.


Steve recognized him from school. Eddie - something, with the shaggy hair that felt just past his jawline and bangs right above his eyes. He was dressed rather unusually, but not necessarily in a bad way. He wore a black tank top, cropped without hemming around the midriff, with what looked to be a bleached design of ribs overtop where they would be under his skin. A long, jingly chain was attached to his black ripped jeans, and there looked to be little charms hanging from it, ones that Steve wasn’t able to see from far away. 


Eddie - something? Eddie - Munson.


“Ahoy,” Steve greeted him, momentarily embracing his environment and getup.


Eddie’s dark eyes were softer up close, sort of doe-like. They seemed to give a balance to his wild, intimidating vibe, and Steve almost felt a stroke of fondness at the contrast, as Eddie walked up, studying the ice cream flavours in the display case.


“Ahoy, there, matey,” Eddie replied casually, his voice clear and deep. Wasn’t this guy in a band? Steve wondered what he sounded like, singing. His hands were buried in the pockets of his jeans.


A tiny grin teased at the corners of Steve’s lips as Eddie took a minute to decide. The guy could probably pass for a pirate, what with the skeletal design and ripped fabric. He seemed to come to a conclusion, and stepped closer to the counter. As he did, the scent of a warm, spicy cologne drifted Steve’s way.


“One scoop of strawberry, please. In a sugar cone.”


See? Steve wished Robin were here so he could gloat. 


“Sure.” Steve swallowed his amusement and punched the order into the system. “Any toppings?” he asked robotically, absentmindedly turning his head to rub his nose on his shoulder. He sniffed and returned to staring at Eddie, whose eyes seemed to stare right back into the depths of his.


“Uh, sprinkles?” Eddie shrugged, like he didn’t really care either way, or if he was asking for the captain’s approval.


“Sprinkles it is,” Steve added the small charge. “One dollar, please,” he requested. Then, just for fun, “Matey.”


Eddie’s expression flickered with a small pout, like an approving smile, very faint, but there.


Steve sniffed again, softly, wrinkling his nose a bit. There was a small itch beneath the bridge of his nose. Sometimes the cold air in the shop made his nose tickle, but he didn’t want to sneeze now, not while he was supposed to handle someone’s food, and not in front of Eddie-


“Here you go,” Eddie said, passing him a bill.


“Thanks.” The drawer of the cash register popped open and Steve slipped the dollar inside. 


He cleared his throat softly, hoping it would dismiss the itchy feeling for a bit, at least while he got the ice cream ready. Another sniffle allowed a new wave of the spicy, alluring cologne to invade his sinuses. It seemed to graze ticklishly against the existing itch, making his eyelids flutter. He gave a small cough, and sniffled again sharply. He moved over to open the glass case, reaching for a cone behind him. Quickly, he got a scoop of strawberry, and turned around to add the sprinkles. He took advantage of his position and wiggled his nose around, willing himself not to sneeze. Then, he shut the sprinkles jar and spun around to give the cone to Eddie.


“There you go, one strawberry with sprinkles.”


“Thanks, man.” Eddie took the cone, into fingers with shiny, silver rings. His fingernails were painted black, the polish slightly chipped. He flashed Steve a cool grin, before turning to leave.


“Have a good one,” Steve exhaled, his frame beginning to expand with quiet, hitching breaths. 


Once Eddie was gone, Steve turned and fled to the back room, pushing hastily through the door.


“One more point for ‘you suck’?” Robin teased casually, somewhere behind him.


Steve hastily pinched his nose and doubled forward with a stifle so forceful it nearly made his ears pop. “huHt’nxXGckk!!-chiuhh… *snff!*”


“Oof. I’ll go with yes.”


Steve sniffled and glanced over with narrowed, teary eyes, but before he could make a comeback, his eyes fluttered shut and his frame swelled with another long gasp. Quickly, he turned and lifted his hand to pinch his nose again.


“huht’g’TCHH-!! *snrff!* Holy shit,” he muttered dazedly, and sniffled hard. He walked over to the sink in the corner. When he got there, a third snuck up on him. "huhh-! hAHt'ESCHHiuhh!! *snrf!* Scuse me, god. *ahemm!*" He blinked rapidly, wrinkling his nose again.


“Bless you. Too much commercial positivity?” Robin went on with the commentary.


Steve yanked a paper towel from the dispenser and folded it, and turned away to give his tickly nose a brief, soft blow. Afterward, he sniffed, and rubbed his slightly reddened nostrils with a curled index finger. “*snff!* Ugh… Definitely too much,” he huffed, and dropped the paper towel in the bin. He waved at the sensor under the faucet, and washed his hands. He splashed a little on his face, too, in case it might have helped.


“Don’t give up, Dingus. Or should I say - 'matey'?” Steve sighed, pulling another paper towel. Before he dried his hands, he flung some water in her direction with his fingers. “Hey!” she shrieked.


A tiny smirk spread on Steve’s lips as he went to return to the front counter. He shook his head slightly. “Scurvy dog.”

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