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Chhinkni sensitivity and tolerance build up


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This is a question for those who use it regularly. How often do you use it?

Have you observed any tolerance developed due to using it too often therefore fewer sneezes? If yes, what's a good threshold to prevent it from turning into overuse?

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I use it maybe twice a month. I’ve definitely never sneezed more than I did the first time I used it, although I was sick at that time. I used a tiny little bit, just a few grains. Smaller than a sesame seed. Sneezed like…18 times in a row, within 2 minutes or less.

Now I have to use a bit more. Two sniffs maybe, about the size of a peppercorn, and I only sneeze 9-10 times in a row. I’m not like the people who sniff some and sneeze once every 20-30 seconds, I get it all out within a minute or two and then it’s over. 

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I used to use it a lot more but I find that if I use it less I get better results. If you find that you're not getting any sneezes but just some burning, take a break for 2 weeks or something and then it'll be a lot better. Always start with less and then do more if you need to. I try to make sure I get it actually in my nose and not just in my nostrils so I'll sometimes put it on a cotton swab and sniff it from there so it goes right into where it needs to!

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When you guys use it, do you end up inhaling large clumps of it? I find that the powder straight out of the container sticks together a bit. Is there some process you use to make it a fine powder?

Trying to optimize the delivery system hehe

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From my experience spacing out my chhinkni uses throughout a week or 2 allows it to work well, but if I want better fits I usually need to wait a bit longer. As for the clumps I usually inhale it with a cotton swab, so if there are any chunks I mash them up with the swab.

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