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I have some rather disturbing news:

I recently received an email (to my personal account) which basically said the sender had been watching me for some time and knew of my interest in specific fetish sites. It stated that I should send a sum of money to a particular account or it would notify in detail everyone in my address book of these interests.

However, It did not mention this site by name, and as this is the only one i ever go to that is sexual in nature, it made me think it was generic.

Anyway I would never give in to blackmail no matter what the outcome.

The wording of the email was really nasty and creepy. I got rid of it very quickly after reading.

Anyway, if anyone else here has received such a communication, I'd be interested to hear about it.


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I hope it's a generic nasty email that they send to random people hoping to scare them. I got one or two of them myself - unpleasant and scary. But unless it mentioned your name and/or specific details of this fetish or this website, I think chances are that it's a generic email by people who are trawling for victims. Still it's very unpleasant and I'm sorry you've had this experience.

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I've gotten a similar one, it just referred to "porn" rather than any fetishes, let alone this one specifically. It also claimed to have recorded video of me while watching said porn and it was going to sent it to everyone in my contacts if I didn't pay. Given that I have a desktop computer and I never even plug my webcam in unless I'm using it, I figured there was no way it was legit lol.

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Received the exact same email to my work computer, it's just spam, ignore it. They have nothing personal of yours and just sent the same script to everyone in the hopes that someone will fall for it. Nothing to do with this website.

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Thank you all for your responses. 

Yes, I'd pretty much concluded it was spam, but it's reassuring to hear it confirmed.

As we all know, some people have got nothing better to do than to go around trying to cause others misery.

Sad, cowardly and pathetic is the verdict.


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It is pretty scary to read. I've had about 10 that I know of, all but one going into my spam folder. I've read a couple of them.

They threatened to release video if I didn't pay, they threatened to share my viewing history with all my contacts, etc.

It's almost convincing.

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Wow, haven't seen one of those yet, but thank you for the warning. I never open emails from sources I don't know, but that never stops the scum from trying to prey on people.


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