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Hi! Just got here!


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Hi all! I've known about the forum for a bit now, but I only just mustered up the courage to make an account. I've known I had really weird feelings surrounding sneezing since I was literally 3 years old, but it took a loooong time to realize I had a fetish. I went through thinking I was scared of it, to thinking it somehow made me have to pee (oh, to be young and not know what arousal feels like😂), to thinking I just happened to really enjoy watching TV episodes where a character was sick, to trying to repress it and just gritting my teeth every time someone talked about sneezing, to telling a couple casual partners that there might be something there.... Finally, I'm in a place where I can admit to myself that it turns me on, and my girlfriend is very good about it. We just got chhinkni recently and it's amazing! I'll probably post some obvs and stuff on here, and looking forward to meeting all of y'alls :))

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Hello! So great that you have come to terms with it, and that you have a partner to share it with. I've also not been here super long, but I like it. Hope you will too! :) 

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