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(AI art) Allergic Wife


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Hi there.  So I wanted to bring my character Chunhua from ancient times to the modern day and have her be the allergic wife from a short story I came across on Pixiv which I rather enjoyed.  I took the same basic scenario from that story and gave it my own spin along with some painstakingly fine-tuned AI art.  Think of this modern-day Chunhua as maybe a descendant of my original character.  I might put her through more allergy-infused scenarios with art now that I have the process generally worked out.  For those who are interested, here's the workflow:

Steps: 50, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 9, Size: 900x900
Model: addictivefuture_v1
Prompt (note, there was lots of inpainting after the initial generation, with other prompts along the way; mouth was accomplished using Restore Faces, other features were not; red nose was assisted using GIMP to color it in before inpainting): (((photorealistic))), (low angle), (camera looking up) to a beautiful young Chinese woman wearing white lace lingerie (((sneezing violently))), greeting you at the house entrance, full body, (((eyebrows furrowed))), (((furrowing her eyebrows))), (((eyes shut tightly))), squinting, (((sneezing))), teeth, very red nose, flared red nostrils, big flared nostrils, red nose, red nostrils, pink itchy nose, itchy red nose, allergic red nose, extremely red nostrils, giant flared red nostrils, itchy watery eyes, crying, Fan BingBing, long black hair, pale white skin, hay fever sufferer, allergic, allergies, a plain white backdrop with natural daylight, large open windows, pollenating trees outside the window, trees and flowers outside the window, 8k, best quality, highres, <lora:JapaneseDollLikeness_v15:0.2>, <lora:breastinclassBetter:0.3>, realistic natural breasts, <lora:anran:0.1> <lora:Asian_Babe_pornV4:0.5>
Upscaler: Upscaled x2 using NickelbackFS.


And here is the art and short story.  Enjoy.
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/111533386



 I have an allergic wife, one who suffers from severe seasonal allergies to pollen.  I say that like it’s some sort of accomplishment, and in fact, it is something that I am rather happy about.  You see, I like watching her sneeze.  I extremely, excruciatingly, voraciously enjoy watching her sneeze.  Thankfully, I have an allergic wife who loves to indulge these particular desires.

It is the middle of Spring, the height of Chunhua’s allergy season.  She has the day off and I gave her a special request before I headed out for work.  I asked her to open all the windows, to not take any allergy medicine, not even wear a mask.  She gave me a coy little smile and said she would oblige.

For the entire day I was thinking about her.  I’m sure that gives Chunhua some satisfaction.  All day long I imagined what she must have been like at home, the springtime pollen blowing in freely, and Chunhua succumbing to an increasingly severe allergy attack.  I could imagine how terrible and miserable my wife’s allergies would become by the time I returned home.  And then I finally did…

I opened the door.  “Sweetie?  I’m home,” I called out to her.  I immediately noticed the feeling and smell of the spring breeze come through all of the open windows.  I didn’t hear any reply at first, and then…

“Weh-... welcome hohh-.. home.. Heeegh-!..  Heeegh-EEEAGHSHHhhhuughh!  IiiyyeeEASSHHiiuuhhh!!”  I heard Chunhua spray a pair of itchy, powerful, allergic-sounding sneezes followed by a series of forcefully wet snorts and sniffles.  

I took off my shoes and rounded the corner into the house.  The sight was enough to floor me.  I stopped in my tracks, frozen by the intensely alluring sight in front of me.  Chunhua, my allergic wife, was sitting under the late afternoon sun, her eyes trying to maintain contact with mine as she struggled with more allergy sneezes threatening to explode from her itchy, red, glistening nose.  Her flaring nostrils, gently parted lips and slightly flushed cheeks were slick and shimmering in places where she had sprayed or wiped her nose’s allergic secretions, which I knew were torrential in volume even on a medium-pollen day.  With today’s extreme pollen count paired with a full day of exposure due to all the open windows, suffice it to say Chunhua’s nose produced enough runniness to generously coat her body with moisture.  And it wasn’t done.

“Hhh- hi honey.  I… hehhh!-... I did what… you aahhsked.. Heiigh-hehh!.. hhHEEEI-IIEEHHHSSCHHuuuugh!!  Huhh!-..  HUUH-EYAAAASSSSCHHHIIIUUGHH!!!”

Bless my wife, my loving, beautiful, allergic wife.  She sniffled wetly, messily trying to clean and wipe away the watery mucus that spurted from her crimson nostrils, but clearly only succeeding in smearing it over her wet fingers, upper lip and even her chin.  She sniffled and sighed, almost moaning quietly as she struggled with her hay fever.  “Heeghh-hih… heeuughhh-hehh!-... hhheEAAG-IIIHSSSCCHHHIIUUuuhh!!”  Bless her heart.

I handed her a pack of tissues, her favorite kind, which I had bought knowing she would need it.  It appeared like she had run out much earlier in the day.  “Here, sweetie,” I said, giving the tissues to her.  “Thank you,” I added.  “I love you so much...” My words were genuinely a mix of heartfelt gratitude and barely controlled lust.

“I… hehh…  I love you, too…” Chunhua replied, with another immensely wet sniffle and the hint of a tiny smile pulling at the corners of her pink lips, still wet from the effects of her runny nose.

I have an allergic wife…

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Oh my, this is brilliant. The AI Art Work is beautiful and I love the story. It's so sexy. Would love to read more about allergic Chunhua and her husband. 

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