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I've started sneezing into my hands for the first time (M)


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Recently, as in the past few months, I've been both consciously and unconsciously sneezing into my hands because it's my favorite kind of sneeze. I've picked up the habit from the stories I read on here about all the sneezing into hands and how the protagonists don't wash their hands after, and I just love doing it. Just today, I sneezed and coughed in my hands several times as I went about my stuff and I didn't wash them until much later, although I was mostly touching my own stuff so I felt better about afterwards. I don't know what to think of this even though people regularly did it all the time without paying any mind to it.

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As enjoyable as this is in fiction, this sort of behavior is probably best left in our imagination. As you weren’t previously accustomed to sneezing into your hands, there’s little point in adopting an unsanitary habit, particularly the not washing of hands directly afterward. If sneezing into your hands is enjoyable for you, it’s absolutely your prerogative to do that in your private space, but you did mention touching things that were only “mostly” your own; I would strongly advise (especially at this time of year) not making a habit of this in any public or shared spaces.

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