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Life as a SF with gifs

Bless you, Hi

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I feel there aren't enough topics about the crazy juxtaposition of a sneeze fetishist vs anyone else. I often think about how different life would be--as I'm sure many of you do too!

So this is a thread to post your appreciation/grievances of your fetish interest/obsession using gifs. I'll start...

When I see a beautiful body:

Uh Huh Reaction GIF by Originals


When I see a desperate sneezing fit:

Flirty Reaction GIF

Yes it's supposed to be stupid! 

Your turn!


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When you hear a sneeze from someone you really wanted to hear sneeze:



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Ranking someone with a perfect 10 body who has a cough-like sneeze and no allergies:

meh aya cash GIF by You're The Worst

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