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fetish statistical analysis? other groups?


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idk if this should go in off topic or here but I've just had this idea where everybody that is a member of each fetish group gets together right and then like we see the trends of the types of people are members of each group like maybe the feet dudes are the most business oriented people and the hiccup people are the most chill for example and the burp people are like very smart/nerdy or something. like each fetish organization would probably have they're own stereotypes or trends based on who gets attracted to each thing (unless of course its totally random which is what it appears to be but this is just fun hypothetical). I feel like a lot of people I've talked to in this fetish community have an interest towards languages and linguistics which is just an interesting thing I've personally noticed. I wonder if its possible to have some sort of statistical analysis on all members of all fetish groups to see what interesting patterns emerge. just a random thought. also I wonder what do you guys think of the other fetish communities? like do you think some of them would get along swimmingly with each other? some might dislike each other? which community would be the sneeze peoples closest ally i wonder? just a bunch of random questions and thoughts. what do you guys think?

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Fetishes are likely to develop because of early childhood experiences and events, rather than due to personality types, personal interests or country of origin.

What makes it difficult to analyse is that because it’s from early childhood events, many of us are unlikely to remember how it started for ourselves. It’s often something we gradually became aware of over time, rather than us being able to look back and pinpoint a definitive moment in time where it first happened.

The languages thing is because not everyone here is a native English speaker. And even those of us who are, often speak one or more languages in addition to English.

Statistical analysis would be difficult because few people in fetish communities would be willing to disclose personally identifiable information. Many would not be willing to divulge any information of any kind.

Just look at how many people lurk here as guests. By my estimate they are about 5-10 times as many lurkers, though not all come back. There are about 5,800 accounts on this forum, so that’s tens of thousands of people lurking.

It took me almost 20 years to a) work up the courage to create an account here, and b) for the account creation process to succeed. (It failed the first two times IIRC.)


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I know a lot of us sneeze folk enjoy the idea of being blessed — I wonder if the fact that in some countries (I believe most Asian countries in particular, but Idk about others) there is no acknowledgement of sneezes really would make the amount of fetishists be less. Like maybe a “wow” but no bless you equivalent, y’know? I feel like maybe having the blessings would lend itself to having more fetishists…🤔 I’ve wondered myself if having attention drawn to my sneezes created a philia/phobia thing where I am attracted to sneezes but I am terrified of sneezing in front of people (mental block) because I sneeze more than like three times and that will always get a reaction and I don’t want people to think I am a weirdo or something I’m not sure why. Idk if that made sense but it is a tangent discussion I’ve had in my own head a lot. I don’t know the actual ratios so this is completely just speculation

In terms of fetish communities getting along: I feel like perhaps people with the sneeze/cough/any kind of sickness-related fetishes may be more sensitive and more like caretakers — I feel like many of us are more into the arts, linguistics included, which I think indicates higher emotional sensitivity. That’s probably going to lend itself to them getting along better I’d assume for the most part and being able to vibe at a similar depth. 

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