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I'm doing some remote work today and I decided I'd work from a coffee shop. Since cold season is absolutely starting up, I figured I could see some sneezes if I was lucky. I was lucky since I've seen sniffly noses coming in and out to pick up their drinks and get pastries and snacks. It looks like a woman sitting at the table next to me has the same idea but she seems to be suffering from a cold like the one I had. It's really common for people to spend hours on end in coffee shops working here, and when I saw her walk in with a pink box of tissues I hoped she would be one of those people. She's been here with me for five hours now and she was sniffling constantly for the first hour.

After about an hour of sniffling and pulling down her mask to dab at her nose, she finally sneezed. It was strong and incredibly wet, and she had pulled down her mask to sneeze into a tissue she held in steepled hands over her face. It was like H'ZZSSCHHHIEW! and I blessed her since we were sitting close enough and it wasn't a subtle sneeze. She thanked me and blew her nose quietly. She had little single or double sneezes every so often. Maybe every ten minutes or so. I could see her nose getting pinker every time I caught her pullingn down her mask for a nose wipe and sniffle.

Around three hours in I heard her pull a few tissues aggressively from the box and looked up but it seemed like she wasn't able to get the tissues in time. She sneezed into her mask and it was amazing. She sneezed nine times one right after the other while she leaned forward over her table. Her sneezes were strong and I got proof of how wet they were when she tugged her mask down after her fit was done. I saw a bit of snot connecting her nose to her mask and she seemed really embarrassed as she wiped at her nose. She got the tissues up for a final sneeze and I blessed her. She was embarrassed and blushed and apologized, but I said it was alright and that she seems like she caught a bad cold. She said her roommate is a teacher and always brings home colds when the school year starts. I saw her holding her mask in front of her and figuring it might be really wet I offered her a fresh one from my bag. She took it and apologized but was grateful and put it on right away. She insisted on buying me a coffee for being kind and I couldn't say no to that haha. We ended up talking a little while we waited for my coffee and her tea and she's really sweet and maybe a little flirty if I'm not reading the signs wrong. I'm so tempted to give her my phone number haha but I'm not sure if I have the confidence. That was maybe an hour and a half or two hours ago and she's still here working so I'll have to try to build up the courage haha.

Like I said there are lots of sniffly and sneezy noses (and some coughing) all around the cafe that proves that cold season is kicking off hard this year. I saw a few nice sneezes caught in people's hands or elbows and one college age guy here now who consistently sneezes in the direction of his arm but fails to properly cover each time, so he's basically sneezing on his friend who never mentions it. One of the baristas has a pink nose and I wonder if she's got a bit of a cold too. I might work from here again tomorrow haha it's a great place for obs. I swear at least 1/3 of the people who came were suffering with some kind of sniffle or cold and having already caught the cold, I'm able to enjoy it all without worrying about getting sick again. I'll update if anything else good happens while I finish my work day.

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Hi everyone! I did give her my number before I left and she texted me a few hours later. We ended up going out last night and I'm writing a post about it right now so I can update you all

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On 9/21/2023 at 7:04 PM, snzer said:

Hi everyone! I did give her my number before I left and she texted me a few hours later. We ended up going out last night and I'm writing a post about it right now so I can update you all

Thank you for the observation! I didn’t see another update post (sorry if I missed it), so how did it go if you don’t mind sharing? 

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