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He knew. (M)


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Heyyy, this is my first story in… two years? It’s been awhile! I also suck at writing sneezes, but I’m trying! Enjoy!

“We’re about to lose come on!!,” He shouted over his mic, sucking his teeth as I watched him intently from the comfort of his lap. His hands were occupied with the controller, but that didn’t his left arm from wrapping around my thigh. Suddenly, the controller stood still in his hands as he closed his eyes, followed by a subtle head tilt. His nostrils grew like the warmness inside me as I tried with everything in my might not to squirm in his lap. 

“Heh…eh…ESHOO…ugh fuck.,” He muttered to himself as my body stood still as if I were a statue. He sneezed in his lap, a few inches away from me, and it felt as though my heart escaped from

my body for a moment. I couldn’t bring myself to bless him as the only thing I was focused on was how excited my body was. He had no idea of what this was…what his sneezes did to me, how could I bring that up without having any ounce of awkwardness?? The way the sneezes completely took over his body and how intense they were always melted my heart. I had been so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn’t catch his subtle drop of his controller and his body gearing up for more sneezes. This time, his head was tilted a lot more and and his free left hand was placed on my thigh…resulting in a small moan.

“Heh…eh…eh…fuck,” he muttered to himself before his frustrations were answered with, “ESHOO, ESHOO, …eh-EHSOO.” He blinked away his watery eyes and sniffed a few times before trying to lock eyes with me, a smirk welcoming itself on his face.

“You know I’m allergic to the perfume you got on right?,” He whispered in between sniffles, leaning in as he planted kisses on my neck. He knew. I’ve pulled the “I forgot you were allergic to this perfume” trick so many times and he’s caught on & willfully teasing me. My insides were ravaging but I was also beyond nervous: I never told anyone I was into this, and as much as I was into him, what if this turned out to be weird for him? All I could do was look away, but he gently turned my head back to face him.

“You dont have to nervous baby.  I see how you get everytime I sneeze. Your eyes light up and you squirm alot, even when we’re out. I just don’t say anything, because I want you comfortable.”

“You’ve known and you’re okay with it?”

Before he could respond, he geared up for another sneeze, his left hand squeezing my thigh as I gave in and kissed him, watching him pull away at the very last moment.

“I f-feel it. HEH…eh…EHSOO.”, he sneezed out in the open once more, followed by more kissing. I felt guilty giving into my pleasure, watching his watery eyes and his reddened nose as he pulled away once more, but I also was longing for this.

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21 hours ago, dwaekki said:

Aww amazing!! He's so sweet to her I love it! I'd also love to read more at some point haha x

thank you <33, i’m crossing my fingers for a future partner like him lol! & there will be more, most likely over the weekend! 

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