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A teasing dream (F, cold, no sneezes)


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Now, I wasn't sure where to post this since it's similar to an obs but it didn't actually happen as it's just a dream, so I decided to post it in the "Original fiction" section even though it's not exactly a story.


Last night I had a dream about my ex flatmate: 

For those who like descriptions, she's a pretty tall young woman in her late 20s and has fair skin, a cute slightly upturned nose, straight blonde hair and blue eyes.

In the dream I suddenly get a text...

I see that it's my ex flatmate saying: "I've come down with a cold" and I reply saying like: "Oh no! Hopefully you don't feel too bad!" and stuff like that...

Then in the dream I go to a hotel and I suddenly see her just outside the building, clearly suffering from an incipient cold but not that noticeably: pale skin, slightly pink nose, sniffling every 30 seconds or so and coughing occasionally into her fist.

In the dream I get so excited to see her with a cold and maybe finally hear her sneeze (in real life I've never heard her sneeze before), so I run to her and say: "Hi".

From up close, I can also see that she looks really tired...

"Hi there!", she says then sniffles wetly.

"How are you feeling?" I ask...

"I'b alright, it's just a cold..." (what a realistic dream, that's exactly what she would say LOL)

When she talks, I notice her voice sounds pretty congested and her M's and N's don't come out quite right...

I tell her that I hope she will feel better soon, she smiles at me and says: "Thadk you"

The next bit of the dream is not particularly interesting as it's just us talking about other stuff...

Then we sit on a few armchairs in a sort of house circled by other people (which in the dream are my friends, but in real life I've never seen them before LOL).

I immediately sit next to her to watch her more closely and maybe get the chance to hear her sneeze...

At this point I start worrying about catching her cold since I don't want to get sick, but then I tell myself that I probably already caught it by talking to her and being close to her even before that.

"She seems to be in the early stage of a cold, which is the most contagious part" I wonder, isolating myself from the rest of the group for a moment.

At one point, I rest my head on her legs (not that realistic, we're not THAT close in real life LOL) and I look at her: her nose is clearly bothering her even more than earlier, as the rims of her nostrils are now bright red, she's sniffling a lot (and thickly) and she occasionally has to breathe through her mouth because of the probably worsening congestion...

At one point she wipes her nose with the back of her hand (she often does it in real life), sniffles wetly and then lets out a huge, tired-sounding sigh: I can feel her breath on my head (as my head is directly "under" her face at this point) and I think that I'm doomed to catch it as I probably breathed in her breath, so to speak, which is probably already teeming with cold germs.

Unfortunately it was a very teasing dream: I only got to see/hear sniffles, coughing, nose-rubbing/wiping and a stuffy voice but no sneezes at all 😅😅

And also, the dream ended so suddenly because I woke up, but I was enjoying it so much ☹️☹️

I hope you liked reading this! 





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