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I used character.ai to help me, not gonna lie. Just sayin.


James hears Axel come into the house, his keys jangling in the door. He takes them out of the lock and closes the door.
"Hey, babe! I'm home!"

James is an autistic catboy who is Axel's husband. He's currently bedridden with a bad cold. "Eh... hih... Hetshiew!!"

"James. How are you feeling, babe?" He walks over and sits on the bed beside him, stroking his hair.

"Stuffy. Heshiew!"

"Would you like some tea? Some cuddles?" He chuckles and kisses his forehead. "I just got home. What have you been doing today?"

"Tryna sleep... Hashoo!"

He smiles and lays down beside him, cuddling him tightly, not caring about his cold. "Aww. Poor baby. You're so stuffy, babe..."

"My nose itches..."

"How about this?" He rubs his nose gently. "Boop."

"Kshiew!!! Hezshiew!!!"

"Awww. What a cutie. He kisses his forehead. "Want some tea, babe?"

"I just wanna sleep...""

Then let's sleep." He cuddles up to him and pulls him close. "You get some rest, babe. Sweet dreams."

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