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The Return Of Agent Sonya! (F)


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The Return Of Agent Sonya!

It has been over 10 years since I last visited this character and I thought it would be a fun to catch up with her and see what the worlds sneeziest secret agent has been up to


It had been over 10 years since Sonya managed to escape the clutches of the "agency". 10 years of being on the run. 10 years of never having a stable home,moving town to town city to city. Finally she had found a home in Fort Lauderdale. She had been living there for a little over a year now. She even managed to get a job back at Hooters. Working at the chain restaurant with it's tight white tank tops and even tighter orange running shorts actually felt like home for her.This was the job she was working when she was recruited by the agency. Now all these years later she was right back where she started. Someday's, On Good Days she actually could convince herself that all the years working for the agency was just a bad dream. Originally Sonya signed up with the agency believing that she was going to be protecting her country. Words like democracy,  patriotism and the American flag we're thrown around quite a bit during her initial interview. By the time the recruiter was done with his speech she could not wait to sign up. What's Sonya discovered was very different. She was issued a uniform that made her uniform at Hooters feel like she was wearing a parka. And then she was placed in one life-threatening adventure after another and every time her nose and her allergies seem to be a deciding factor in the outcome.

It was a Saturday which meant that the restaurant was going to be extra busy. Tonight was the night when all the guys would come out of the woodwork to flirt with the waitressing staff. In the mist of this there would always be the one family with a couple of young boys just on the verge of puberty that would show up for dinner And specifically request that Sonya be there waitress.  This would always make her feel even more uncomfortable in her uniform then she was normally. She would catch the boys from time to time trying to get a better look at her. This would always make her want to hide out in the kitchen until they left. This Saturday she would have no such luck. Just the day before she wasn't formed that she was up for a promotion from waitress to assistant manager. This would mean a nice increase in pay and health insurance but what mattered most to Sonya was that she would finally be rid of these tight tank tops and tight tight orange shorts forever. Managers and assistant managers got to dress at least a little bit classier. The job was as good as hers. It was between her in another waitress named Stacy. Stacy was incredibly incompetent but the one thing she did have going for her was that she loved to flirt. It didn't matter if it was with the staff or the customers, she would even stop by Sonya's table just the flirt with the two boys. If flirting was a martial art Stacy would have her black belt.  Still Sonya wanted this promotion so bad that she was willing to do whatever it took. First she went into the store room and got herself a new tank top one size smaller and super tight to wear that night. She ran into the walk-in freezer until she had goose bumps among other things and then would go back out on the floor and flirt with as many customers as she could before going back into the freezer to start the process over again.

It was 6:00 p.m. The peak of the dinner rush and Sonya had just walked out of the walk-in cooler for the 7th time that evening. She stepped into the dining room but suddenly a strange but familiar feeling came over her. Training that had laid dormant in her brain for years suddenly kicked back in. Instantly she started clocking all of the exits and as she did so she was alarmed to see a sturdy built man in a navy blue suit and Ray-Ban aviators sun glasses blocking the doors. The sound of helicopter rotors quickly filled the night air. Instantly Sonia knew what was going on. She had stayed too long in one place and the agency had managed to track her down. Since she wasn't carrying any form of sidearm and there were too many of them to take on in a fair fight her choice was no longer to fight it was now time to flee. She quickly walked backwards back into the kitchen and headed for a small janitorial closet. The closet was small but it would have to do. There were two doors to the closet one in the front and the other in the back so it was impossible for Sonya to cover both of them. Her training told her to prepare for a frontal assault so she moved back as far as she possibly could in the small closet. She was as far back as she possibly could be when suddenly she could feel someone's breath on the back of her neck. Her eyes widened and she tried to turn around to face her adversary but the closet was too small and that's when she realized she was stuck facing forward!

So it's safe to say that all of those large heavily armed men are here for you Sonya? A voice said in the darkness. Instantly she recognized the voice and asked Stacy what are you up to?  I'm not up to anything my dear Stacy replied, I'm just taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity. I don't know what you're involved in Sonya and honestly I don't care right now you have one choice and that is to walk out of this closet and give yourself up so that I can become the new assistant manager.  Sonya started to weigh her options but quickly realized she had very few. Normally she could easily beat Stacy in hand to hand combat but because of the way she was stuck In this small closet she couldn't even turn to face her. Please Stacy You don't know what you're doing. Please I will do anything I just can't go back to the life I used to live. As Sonya begged literally for her life Stacy looked over and noticed that hanging from the wall was a feather duster. As Sonya pleaded with her Stacy quietly reached up and pulled a single fluffy gray plume that was caked with dust from the feather duster. Many times Stacy had heard Sonya sneeze her loud and forceful sneeze. Most of the time these sneezes were caused by the perfume that Stacy wore. Unfortunately She was running late for work and did not have time to put any on. Still she had seen and heard Sonya's sneezes enough times just when they would be cleaning the restaurant after hours. As Sonya continued to plead with Stacy, Stacy reached around in the darkness and found Sonya's unsuspecting nostrils with the fluffy dusty feather. Sonya immediately stopped her begging and froze in fear. Her large triangular shaped nostrils were suddenly filled with the sensation of feather particles and dust. Sonya's muscular toned body was suddenly covered in a thin layer of sweat. Sta, Stacy please please don't she tried to say. Stacy's eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness of the closet and she suddenly noticed that on the door facing Sonya there was a mirror hanging. This gave Stacy the perfect vantage point for Sonya's highly sensitive nose. She continued to swipe the feather back and fourth across the underside of her adversaries nose. Stacy leaned in and softly whispered into Sonya's ear tickle, tickle, tickle! Sonya's eyes began to tear up as she struggled and squirmed to free her arms from the claustrophobic closet just so she could get a single pointer finger up against the underside of her nose. She knew that might be her only chance to hold back the powerful sneeze that was building in her nose. Right then Stacy remembered that she had put a small bottle of her perfume in the front pocket of her waitress apron. She reached her left hand into her apron and managed to spray a small amount of her perfume on her pointer finger. While she was doing this she managed to catch the edge of Sonya's flaring right nostril with the pointy tip of the feather. With that opportunity she pushed the feather deep into Sonya's nasal passage. She groaned and begged Stacy  again for mercy. Pla, plee, please Stacy stop I can't hold back this sneeze! Right then Stacy reached her left hand around in front of Sonya and began rub her pointer finger against the underside of Sonya's nose. This was heaven to Sonya and she quickly joined in with Stacy rubbing her nose against the top of Stacy's pointer finger. At this point Sonya's nose was beginning to run and quickly the top of Stacy's finger was beginning to resemble a glazed donut. Sonya's relief was short lived when both of her nostrils were suddenly filled with the sweet ticklish scent of Stacy's perfume. Sonya's lower jaw suddenly fell slack as the beginning of a powerful sneeze started to build. Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh. Sonya started to twist her head side to side as she tried with all of her might to get the feather out of her one nostril while at the same time trying desperately to get her nose away from Stacy's perfume spiked finger! It didn't matter how hard she tried Stacy somehow managed to keep her finger trained against the underside of Sonya's helpless nose. Finally the feather, the dust and Stacy's perfume proved to be too much for the former agent as a desperate will to sneeze took over Sonya's body. Her eye's grew heavy lidded as sneezy tears ran down her cheeks. Her nose scrunched up as her nostrils flared open as wide as possible  Finally, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaachooooooooooooooow! The sneeze exploded out with such force that it caused Sonya to double over a little bit at her waist and the ribs on both sides of her body to ache. Within seconds the door was swung open quickly as a sea of agents stood in front of her. The men all parted as a beautiful blonde woman came walking up to the closet. Gazuntite agent Sonya and welcome back to the "agency!"

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@Daphine How great to see you here again!!! ❤️ Oh, Sonya... I've missed her. 😍 It was good to see her again too! Ooooohhh... a dusty feather plus the tickly perfume on Stacy's finger... that definitely pushed poor old Sonya over the edge. 😆

Will we see something new about Scooby again soon?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to talking to you here. 👋

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@Daphine wow!  I can’t believe you’re still part of the forum!  It’s always great to hear from you.  Another amazing story AND even better artwork to complement.  Keep up the good work.  

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