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boyfriend road trip sneezes (m)


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15/09 - So we were driving all day heading interstate from about 6am to 6pm and nothing, not even a sniffle. But to my absolute surprise, when we were out to dinner that night at a pub, just before he sat down he paused and then bent down with an unstifled cough sneeze which I think was too powerful for him to stifle because afterwards he actually said “Baby, do you have a tissue?” which I didn’t, I never do so he grabbed a napkin and was dabbing away at his sleeve for awhile. I thought that would just be his only single for the night, maybe even for the whole trip, but boy was I wrong. Later at dinner he was looking at football scores and talking about the teams when suddenly he stopped, brought a balled up fist to his nose and stifled a pretty loud “Heh-nnggchhhh!!” then excused himself. Then after dinner when we were driving back to our Airbnb, he stifled another loud “Hih-nnggccht!” into his right shoulder and then after excusing himself, said “gosh!” after. 

Then later, when we were on the sofa and I’d just put a movie on and just when I’d gotten comfy with my legs draped over his, half lying down, he leaned to the side and let out a loud cough/man-sneeze which I think took him (and me) completely by surprise. I literally couldn't believe it though, 4 in one night and I was still hoping for one more so I could make a comment like, “that’s the fifth one tonight!” but alas, no. 


16/09 - The next morning we walked to a cafe to get a coffee and while we were waiting in the line to order, he brought his arm up to his face to completely silently stifle a sneeze into his shoulder. If I hadn't been looking at him, I don't think I would have heard or noticed it. Then later as we were walking back home he stopped suddenly and stifled a louder “Heh-ngcchtt!” into his hand. He then exclaimed “Bloody hell, I’m sneezing a bit!” We then had a short discussion about what might be setting him off and he said he has been sensitive to canola fields in the past and I suggested it might be the wattle. He then said that maybe he should pick up some antihistamines and I was thinking in my head, oh gosh I hope he doesn’t!!! 

At this point I was already pretty chuffed about the two morning sneezes, but later that morning in the car on the way to the beach, suddenly he inhaled sharply and stifled the loudest sneeze into his right shoulder before exclaiming “Bloody hell, that sneeze was so big I saw stars!” He then sneezed another stifle in the car and I used this fourth sneeze as an opportunity tried to subtly ask whether he has hay fever. He just responded with “this doesn’t feel like hay fever though, if it was hay fever I’d be trying to rip my nose off!” 

When we were out to brunch he stifled two more sneezes, the first was into his left fist and completely silent. It was pretty cute because he made a fist and turned to the side, I saw his eyes flutter a little and he kind of pushed the tip of his nose to the side as he jerked forward slightly. The second sneeze was mostly a stifled sneeze but with some audible sound. For the first time ever I started to notice his nose starting to turn a bit pink and his little nostrils were flaring almost as if he had to sneeze again, it was so frigging cute. 

On the way back from the beach in the car, he sneezes a loud uncovered, unstifled “man” sneeze and said he saw stars again. 


Stayed tuned for part 2! This was literally a trip away out of my dreams...

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On 9/23/2023 at 9:42 PM, marip0sa said:

“Bloody hell, that sneeze was so big I saw stars!”

I am dead.

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Oof. There is something I find SO hot about that  'I'm sneezing a bit' comment. There's just something about a guy noticing and commenting on their own sneezing. Yum.

Thanks for sharing!

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I'm glad y'all are enjoying these obs as much as I'm enjoying remembering them! Now for the 3rd day of the road trip, which I think might have been my most favourite day obs-wise!
17/09 - I was still half asleep and could kind of sense him sitting up scrolling on his phone with one arm draped loosely around me, when I heard a sharp inhale and he almost silently stifled a sneeze towards his side of the bed. I pretended to whimper a little due to him “disturbing” my sleep and he then said “Sorry… sorry baby." I love his almost silent sneezes, I think they're my favourite because I now know that he doesn't pinch his nose shut, that he can silently sneeze with no hands and it's pretty damn cute.
When we were out for breakfast that morning, we were sitting outside and he stifled a sneeze, the audible kind of stifle, into cupped hands. This one kind of came out of nowhere and I wasn’t looking directly at him, but was sitting across from him so I just caught it in my peripheral vision. Then an hour or so later, I was sitting on his lap when I felt him take a big breath in and he kind of leaned back and stifled a big sneeze into his hands. Like, I literally bopped up and down with the force of it,  it was seriously  something I wouldn't have even thought to fantasise about! I do think it's interesting he doesn't announce his sneezes at all, even ones that are in such close proximity to me ... would that be normal?  
Later in the car he was rubbing his nose a bunch and he said “this is a sign my hay fever is coming, like I said yesterday, I just want to rip the inside of my nose out” (!!!!!)
We went downtown later that afternoon and were wandering the city, hand in hand, and I noticed he'd subconsciously stopped walking to rubbing his nose vigorously and I looked at him, raising my eyebrows and he kind of whined “my nose is itchy!”, then not fifteen seconds later he stifled a quiet sneeze towards his right shoulder and then excused himself.
That night we went up to the hotel rooftop for a drink and I actually got to see most of a full build-up, which I think I overplayed it in my head, because I saw the whole thing and his face doesn’t really crumple up that much and his nostrils don’t really even twitch but his eyes do get a bit squinty and he pauses everything while he focuses, then he stifled a sneeze into a balled up fist while his other hand was still holding mine. Afterwards, on the walk to dinner he was rubbing his nose again and he sneezed an unstifled sneeze out towards the right as his left hand was holding mine. 
At another bar later he had a big build up, he didn’t lean towards his arm or anything but his nostrils flared slightly and his eyes squinted up, and he could tell I was staring at him because then when he lost the sneeze he turned to me and laughed while saying, “I thought I had to!” Then when I laughed it kind of made this sucking nose and he looked at me and asked if I was getting stuffy, like he hoped I would be able to sympathise but thankfully I’m not super sensitive and I don’t get hayfever, huzzah!
Later in bed, I was in the middle of making a dumb ultimatum that I wouldn’t kiss him unless he sneezed again when he sneezed a very loud uncovered man sneeze towards the right and then he waited a few seconds before saying “excuse me” and then when I looked over at him he was like “What?” and was blushing slightly. 
So he did get kisses after all ... 
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On 9/24/2023 at 2:55 PM, Dukesdaisy said:

Wish I was in your shoes tbh

I wish I was back in my shoes from two weeks ago too honestly! I'm already looking up pollen counts of nearby states to see where our next roadtrip should be

On 9/27/2023 at 9:28 AM, Tumblesworth said:

I am dead.

Literally. Like ... how???! How is this real???!!!

6 hours ago, SexualOddity said:

Oof. There is something I find SO hot about that  'I'm sneezing a bit' comment. There's just something about a guy noticing and commenting on their own sneezing. Yum.

Thanks for sharing!

It was so flipping hot. The way he stopped in the middle of the road ... and also the fact that I only noticed one sneeze earlier that morning which made me wonder if there were more sneezes that I didn't notice ... 



Thank you all for the comments! If you are liking these little observations I'll definitely keep posting them!

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I feel sorry for your boyfriend, but glad you’re enjoying it! I certainly enjoyed reading your observations, so thank you!

Maybe you could start carrying tissues on you, so you can offer them to him when he needs them?

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Hi guys! So last day of the road trip, i.e. the last installation of this series but I've had heaps more obs this month especially as pollen season amps up here and some of them are so flipping cute, I can't believe I got so lucky!

Anywho, here is the last day of the trip - 

19/09 - As we were checking out of the hotel and bringing our bags to the car, he partially stifled a sneeze without any hands as he was holding a suitcase in each hand. Later in the car he told me he had another bloody nose in the shower, which he thinks is from all the rubbing and irritation the last few days.
About half an hour into our road trip back home, he inhaled sharply and stifled a sneeze towards his right shoulder as his left hand was on my leg. He then excused himself, which he hasn’t done for the last several sneezes but maybe it was just out of habit? He stifled another three sneezes on the road, once while he was trying to nap while I was driving so I didn’t see that one but he did excuse himself and the second one while we were pulling into a service station and I saw him press a fist into his nose as he snapped forward. He then apologised rather than excusing himself which I thought was odd and I really wanted to ask “why sorry” but I was a bit flustered trying to park. The third one was the best because I was looking right at him and saw his little pink nostrils flare out as he brought a fist up to his nose and his eyes squeezed shut.  
We pulled over for dinner that night and as he was getting out of the car he sneezed uncovered but it wasn’t a stifle and wasn’t a man sneeze, it was actually super cute like “Ah-chiuuuu!” with no like voice sound (?) but I didn’t get to see it, just heard it and he didn’t acknowledge that he sneezed either. So hoping for another one of those... Then the last one for the trip was after dinner, we were mid-conversation when he turned to the side, let go of my hand that he was holding and I’ve noticed when he stifles he doesn’t really doesn’t use his hands, he’ll usually bury his face in his shoulder, or he’ll kind of push his nose to the side with a fist, which is what he did this time. Even though I was looking directly at him the build-ups are always super quick, I wish he would announce but maybe that’s something I could subtly train him to do? 
Oh, and maybe this makes me a bad person but while he was napping, I switched off the air recirculation button in the car in hopes that more pollen or whatever it is outside that he’s sensitive to would then infiltrate the car, which it looks like it may have worked? Because after he turned it back on there were no further sneezes :(
In bed last night he said, “I think I need to buy you a nightcap because your hair really tickles my nose” and because I could play on his itchy nose from the last few days I just asked “Is your nose still itchy because of me?” and then he laughed and said “I think you’re less than half of the issue.”
I seriously couldn't believe this trip. We're going away tomorrow for a few nights again, so fingers crossed! 
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On 10/16/2023 at 3:47 AM, solitaire-au said:

I feel sorry for your boyfriend, but glad you’re enjoying it! I certainly enjoyed reading your observations, so thank you!

Maybe you could start carrying tissues on you, so you can offer them to him when he needs them?

I actually found some travel packs while I was cleaning out some old handbags and I'm putting them in my overnight bag so I can have them at the ready this time!! I just need to check they're still good because they're so old, I'm scared they'll literally disintegrate! Weirdly he doesn't seem to feel sorry for himself when his allergies act up (takes me out of my fantasy a little bit, but I'm glad he doesn't seem like he's suffering at all)!

On 10/16/2023 at 6:15 AM, dwaekki said:

Aww this is amazing! I love stifles as well haha, do you ever bless him when he sneezes or is that not your thing?

I wish I was a blesser but I wasn't really brought up saying bless you and never really started and since developing this fetish I think acknowledging sneezing more overtly still seems a bit scary. Any advice?? 

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On 10/21/2023 at 7:26 AM, marip0sa said:

Any advice?? 

I'm the same; it's really hard for me to bless others because I get very embarrassed.

I've started blessing others only if they say "excuse me", or if they acknowledge it in any other way. I feel like this gives me an appropriate context to very quietly say bless you. If they will not acknowledge it, or if they will stifle it completely silently, then I feel very awkward being the one to draw attention to it 🙈.

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